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5 Amazing Assets for Awesome Architectural Photographers

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Read Time: 3 mins
This post is part of a series called 5 Amazing Assets for Better Branding and Visual Communication.
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Architecture photography is powerful, impressive and let’s face it, fun! Whether or not you know your gothic from your brutalist, you’re bound to find some great new resources with our 5 Amazing Assets for Awesome Architecture Photography.

1. Archi Sketch Photoshop Action

Turn your photograph into a professional looking sketch with the Archi Sketch Photoshop Action. It works well with interior, as well as exterior shots and there are 10 colour options available. There’s a detailed tutorial video included in the download to help you with installing the action, brush and pattern files.

Archi Sketch Photoshop ActionArchi Sketch Photoshop ActionArchi Sketch Photoshop Action
Archi Sketch Photoshop Action

2. Imperiem Regular Typeface

Imperiem is a unique, serif typeface, inspired by the architecture of ancient Europe. Strong vertical lines represent the common pillars of Greek and Roman architecture, while the thin, connecting lines seek to provide simultaneous contrast, and balance.

Imperiem regular typefaceImperiem regular typefaceImperiem regular typeface
Imperiem regular typeface

3. Urbania Photoshop Actions

Inject some grit, grain or drama into your images with the Urbania actions for Photoshop. There are 18 presets to choose from and a play all feature so you can flip between effects to compare quickly and easily.

Urbania Photoshop ActionsUrbania Photoshop ActionsUrbania Photoshop Actions
Urbania Photoshop Actions

4. Instagram Pack

Show off your amazing architecture photographs in a clean and creative way with the Instagram Pack template for Adobe Photoshop. There are 16 unique templates, each in the traditional Instagram square format; there’s even a link to the free fonts used included in the download.

Instagram PackInstagram PackInstagram Pack
Instagram Pack

5. Architecture Logo Template

If architecture and urban landscape photography are the main focuses of your photography business, then you might want to reflect that in your branding. The Architecture Logo Template for Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator offers a fine, continuous line to make the outline of a city.

Architecture Logo TemplateArchitecture Logo TemplateArchitecture Logo Template
Architecture Logo Template

Each asset here is from Envato Elements, where you can download unlimited resources for a monthly subscription.

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