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5 Amazing Assets for Corporate Portrait Photography and Headshots

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This post is part of a series called 5 Amazing Assets for Better Branding and Visual Communication.
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Corporate headshots can be a great way to build a portfolio and reputation, quickly. It’s a delicate balance between professional and creative, but you can have both. Let us help you with our 5 Amazing Assets for Corporate Portraits.

1. Skin Retouching Actions

Subtly retouch portraits quickly and easily with these Skin Retouching Actions for Photoshop. Mattify, airbrush and heal skin to cover imperfections whilst maintaining a natural look.

Skin Retouching ActionsSkin Retouching ActionsSkin Retouching Actions
Skin Retouching Actions

2. Retouch Pro Lightroom Presets

Similar to the actions above but for Lightroom, Retouch Pro allows you to use 15 professional presets to delicately retouch your portraits so you can make your clients look their best without over-stylising.

Retouch Pro Lightroom PresetsRetouch Pro Lightroom PresetsRetouch Pro Lightroom Presets
Retouch Pro Lightroom Presets

3. Photographer - Business card

Show off your corporate headshots with this fancy business card. Easy to edit in Photoshop, the template comes print ready with bleed; simply add your photographs and contact information and you’re good to go!

4. Facebook Cover Photographer

A great way to add value to your offering is to throw in some social media support that includes your photographs. This Facebook Cover Photographer template for Photoshop is perfect to create something that features your corporate headshots that the client can use as part of their branding.

Facebook Cover PhotographerFacebook Cover PhotographerFacebook Cover Photographer
Facebook Cover Photographer

5. BW Quinta Font Family

Quinta is a contemporary font that feels friendly but still looks professional. With subtle, rounded corners and inspired by hand-writing, it’s bound to be a hit either within your own branding, or featured as part of a package you put together for a client.

Bw Quinta Font FamilyBw Quinta Font FamilyBw Quinta Font Family
Bw Quinta Font Family

Each asset here is from Envato Elements, where you can download unlimited resources for a monthly subscription.

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