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5 Amazing Assets for Fantastic Family Photography

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This post is part of a series called 5 Amazing Assets for Better Branding and Visual Communication.
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Family photography can be so rewarding, but juggling all those people can be a challenge! Take some of the stress out of it all with our 5 Amazing Assets for Fantastic Family Photography. We can’t make the kids sit still for you, but we can help you get great results.

1. Kiddy — Children Presets for Lightroom & ACR

This nifty set of post-processing helpers is for Lightroom and Photoshop, which will be a really boon for many photographers. There are 17 options for each and the results are easily adjustable.

Kiddy - Children Presets for Lightroom  ACRKiddy - Children Presets for Lightroom  ACRKiddy - Children Presets for Lightroom  ACR
Kiddy - Children Presets for Lightroom & ACR

2. The Youngest Font

If you’re making some nice little extras to go with your photo shoot; things like cards, or social media sharers, then you’ll ideally need an appropriate typeface. The Youngest Font is a lovely addition to any family photographer’s toolbox.

The Youngest FontThe Youngest FontThe Youngest Font
The Youngest Font

3. PixityLand-Character Creator Kit

Create, mix and match characters with the PixityLand-Character Creator Kit. Producing a little family illustration that matches the family you’re photographing could be a nice, unique touch to your business.

PixityLand-Character Creator KitPixityLand-Character Creator KitPixityLand-Character Creator Kit
PixityLand-Character Creator Kit

4. Family & Children Lightroom Presets

30 professionally designed presets await you in the Family & Children Lightroom pack. Give your photographs a fun, saturated look with a matte finish.

Family  Children Lightroom PresetsFamily  Children Lightroom PresetsFamily  Children Lightroom Presets
Family & Children Lightroom Presets

5. Loving Fox Family

Guarantee a huge ‘awwwww’ with this cute fox family vector illustration, which can be used in either Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. Perfect as a finishing touch to your family project.

illustartion of a fox familyillustartion of a fox familyillustartion of a fox family

Each asset here is from Envato Elements, where you can download unlimited resources for a monthly subscription.

Tuts+ Tips for Child and Family Photography

  • Find the best light for the results you want. Nobody wants to be squinting in the midday sun or to be shown in an unflattering light.
  • Talk through what the family should wear. Try to get everyone wearing colours that work well together.
  • Know your camera. You might want a nice shallow depth of field, but you also don’t want to miss your focus with someone key to your image. Get to know instinctively how to adjust appropriately.
  • Get comfortable with arranging people effectively, it can make all the difference to your images so try to overcome any awkwardness.
  • Capture candid moments! Don’t be so caught up in posing everyone that you miss those golden moments of families interacting naturally.

More Fab Family Helpers

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