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5 Amazing Assets to Add Lovely Light to Your Photographs

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Let there be light; epic light! Whatever your style of photography, getting the light right is a huge part of the process. Here, we have a little something for everyone with our 5 Amazing Assets for Lovely Light in Your Photographs, along with some top tips.

1. Double Light Photoshop Action

A realistic two-source lighting effect, Double Light Photoshop Action works brilliantly with portraits but is also suited to other types of photography. There are ten colour options and they break down into well-organised layers for you to adjust.

Double Light Photoshop ActionDouble Light Photoshop ActionDouble Light Photoshop Action
Double Light Photoshop Action

2. Light Leaks Vol. 2 - 20 Lightroom Presets

It’s hard not to love a light leak effect, they’re warm, fun and packed with nostalgia. Light Leaks Vol. 2 has 25 Lightroom presets designed to give your photograph a lomo style. They’re non-destructive to use and work on photos with any type of lighting.

Light Leaks Vol 2 - 20 Lightroom PresetsLight Leaks Vol 2 - 20 Lightroom PresetsLight Leaks Vol 2 - 20 Lightroom Presets
Light Leaks Vol. 2 - 20 Lightroom Presets

3. Light & Flares Photoshop Actions

Replicating the effects of old cameras is very trendy, and with Light & Flares for Photoshop, you can add lens flares and light leaks in just a few clicks. There are 12 light leak options and four lens flare effects included in this download.

Light  Flares Photoshop ActionsLight  Flares Photoshop ActionsLight  Flares Photoshop Actions
Light & Flares Photoshop Actions

4. Summer Light Leak Lightroom Presets

If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere then the warm glow of summer might seem like a distant memory now in the dark days of December. Not to fret, you can bring back soft summer light with these Summer Light Leak Lightroom Presets.

5. Wall Of Lights - Photoshop Actions

Turn your music portraits up to eleven with this awesome Photoshop action. Create a Wall of Lights behind your subject in just a few clicks, with 20 colour options to choose from and non-destructive, well-organised layers.

Wall Of Lights - Photoshop ActionsWall Of Lights - Photoshop ActionsWall Of Lights - Photoshop Actions

Each asset here is from Envato Elements, where you can download unlimited resources for one low monthly subscription.

Tuts+ Tips for Lovely Light

  • While you’re thinking about light, spare a thought for shadows. Include them to add depth and drama to your photograph.
  • If you’re in a tricky low-light situation with no artificial lighting available, you’ll need to make good use of a tripod and try slower shutter speeds to let in more light.
  • To get lighting right, you really need to understand the Kelvin scale and how the colour or temperature of each type of light will affect your photographs.
  • If sunlight is too strong, try diffusing it to soften it and make it work better for environmental portraits or reflecting it to create a second, more controlled source.
  • If you’re shooting landscapes, the environment can look dramatically different depending on the source and quality of light. Shoot at golden hour for light that flatters most landscapes.

More Top Lighting Tips

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