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5 Amazing Assets for Music Videos That Rock

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Turn your music video all the way up to 11 with great resources to help make it look professional, expensive and impressive. Here are five of our favourites from  Envato Elements to get you started in style.

1. Audio Visualizer

Even if you’re not making a music video, this is cute enough to download just to watch the little guys bopping to the music.  Driven by your music track, the animations react – just add your audio, logo and colours.

Audio VisualizerAudio VisualizerAudio Visualizer
Audio Visualizer

2. Versatile Grunge Trailer

The Versatile Grunge Trailer for Adobe After Effects has two versions, including one where you can create custom scenes, making it perfect for a wide range of music videos.

Versatile Grunge TrailerVersatile Grunge TrailerVersatile Grunge Trailer
Versatile Grunge Trailer  

3. Music Logo

Music Logo is vibrant and stylish, with hints of MTV. Just add your text and choose your colours to get a funky logo, perfect for kicking your video off to a great start.

Music LogoMusic LogoMusic Logo
Music Logo

4. Glitchy Music Fest Opener

Glitchy and cool, this opener for After Effects manages to somehow feel both retro with its muted, matt colours, and modern: combining fast-paced transitions with geometric shape and design.

Glitchy Music Fest OpenerGlitchy Music Fest OpenerGlitchy Music Fest Opener
Glitchy Music Fest Opener

5. IndieFest

A good font can often be overlooked when putting together a video. IndieFest is a font in the style of a marker pen: chunky and rounded. It fits perfectly with indie style music, or music festival productions.


Each asset here is from Envato Elements, where you can download unlimited resources for a monthly subscription.

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