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5 Amazing Assets for Uplifting Church Videos

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Making videos for your church could range from anything from inspirational slideshows, to fun event updates or filming sermons. Keep your audience engaged and the conversation flowing, with our 5 Amazing Assets for Outstanding Church Video from Envato Elements.

1. Conference Event Promo

Conference Event Promo for Adobe After Effects is perfect for promoting your church event, seminar, and more. It has a modern and clean design with five different backgrounds to choose from, just drop your images and videos into the placeholders.

Conference Event PromoConference Event PromoConference Event Promo
Conference Event Promo

2. The Light: Worship Broadcast Package

With quick transitions and bright colours, The Light is a really upbeat After Effects template, perfect for sharing church and community events in a way that will delight and engage.

The Light - Worship Broadcast PackageThe Light - Worship Broadcast PackageThe Light - Worship Broadcast Package
The Light - Worship Broadcast Package

3. Corporate Bars

Reveal your church or parish name or logo in style with Corporate Bars. The logo or text appears as if from rays of light. There are two versions included and it’s well-organised and easy to use.

Corporate BarsCorporate BarsCorporate Bars
Corporate Bars

4. LightBook: Church PSD Template

Design a great website for your church to host your video and content, with LightBook for Adobe Photoshop. There are plenty of layouts to choose from and links to fonts and images used in the design are included with the download.

LightBook - Church PSD TemplateLightBook - Church PSD TemplateLightBook - Church PSD Template
LightBook - Church PSD Template

5. Easter Worship Promo

Although called Easter Worship Promo, this After Effects template is perfect for a variety of uses, including photo slideshows, psalm slideshows or even a promotion to show what your community has been up to lately.

Easter Worship PromoEaster Worship PromoEaster Worship Promo
Easter Worship Promo

Each asset here is from Envato Elements, where you can download unlimited resources for a monthly subscription.

Tuts+ Tips for Photo and Video at Church Events

  • Invest in the right equipment without breaking the bank. A good camera, lens, microphone, tripod and editing software package will get you started. You may even want to use a smart phone.
  • Get out of the church. Remember that your community is wider than just the building: film out of doors and at prominent local landmarks to help broaden and interweave your community's identity.
  • Have personality and energy. You may have a message to get across and that’s great, but make sure your video is engaging and accessible as possible.
  • Interact with your congregation. Post videos on social media to encourage your neighbourhood to communicate with you.
  • Don’t waffle or pack too much into your video, it should be fun and snappy.

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