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5 Amazing Assets for Perfect Pet Photography

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Pets are cute, full of personality, and completely unpredictable! We don’t envy the poor photographer who has to get them to play ball, but we have attempted to take some of the pressure away from the shoot, with these five assets from Envato Elements.

1. Photopetz : Pet Photography Logo

If you’re starting out as a pet photographer and need a logo, then this is perfect. Simple but effective, the Photopetz: Pet Photography Logo makes good use of a camera iris and the outline of popular pets in a design that’s sharp and pleasing.

Photopetz  Pet Photography LogoPhotopetz  Pet Photography LogoPhotopetz  Pet Photography Logo
Photopetz : Pet Photography Logo

2. Toy Camera Photography Actions for Adobe Photoshop

Although not particularly aimed at pet photography, the Toy Camera Actions for Photoshop download has a fun indie feel to give your animal photographs a unique look. There are 16 to choose from, and they work non-destructively.

Toy Camera Photography Actions for Adobe PhotoshopToy Camera Photography Actions for Adobe PhotoshopToy Camera Photography Actions for Adobe Photoshop
Toy Camera Photography Actions for Adobe Photoshop

3. 12 Pet and Animal Icons

I’m big on the little extras it takes to make a good experience for clients, and these 12 Pet and Animal Icons are great additions to your offering. Use them as part of a social media package like headers or adverts, or just add one to your email signature for a dash of cuteness!

12 Pet and Animal Icons12 Pet and Animal Icons12 Pet and Animal Icons
12 Pet and Animal Icons

4. My Best Friend

If you’re looking to up-sell on your photography services, why not try My Best Friend. The pack contains four vector illustrations—cat, dog, parrot, and rabbit—perfect for extras like posters, cards, or t-shirts.

My Best FriendMy Best FriendMy Best Friend
My Best Friend

5. Hucklebuck

Hucklebuck is a curvy, sweet font with a happy-go-lucky feel.  Created in the style of hand-painted sign lettering, the font was inspired by window lettering on an old store and oozes charm and character.


Each asset here is from Envato Elements, where you can download unlimited resources for a monthly subscription.

Tuts+ Top Tips

  • Get down to their level—you’ll get a better perspective and a better sense of the character of the animal. Using live view can be really beneficial for this!
  • Have help. You can’t be expected to wrangle wayward pets and take photos. The owner might help too, but an assistant is always useful.
  • Avoid flash. Pets may be frightened by sudden bursts of light, and if you’re photographing larger animals like horses then it could be dangerous as well as distressing.
  • Get a good mix of candid and posed photographs. For posed ones, think about adding relevant objects to the surroundings so that it isn’t too stilted and formal. Conversely, remember to get rid of unnecessary clutter!
  • Patience is a virtue. The animal should never feel stressed or as if you’re angry with them if they’re not doing what you want them to do. If the pet isn’t in a cooperative mood, don’t be afraid to rearrange for another day.

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