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5 Amazing Assets for Perfect Product Photography

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Read Time: 2 mins
This post is part of a series called 5 Amazing Assets for Better Branding and Visual Communication.
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Product photography is a complex and skilled thing to get right. While you’re focussing on the photography, here are our 5 Amazing Assets to help with everything else.

1. Sovereign Typeface

A modern and bold font, Sovereign Typeface is a great way to brand associated products or materials, or simply to label products in an eye-catching, contemporary way.

Sovereign TypefaceSovereign TypefaceSovereign Typeface
Sovereign Typeface

2. Product Flyer

A great way to give extra value to your client is to throw in some graphic design if you can. This Product Flyer Template for Adobe InDesign might be the perfect way to show off your fantastic photographs.

Product FlyerProduct FlyerProduct Flyer
Product Flyer

3. 30 Seamless Paper Textures

Products on a transparent or white background can be efficient, but lack imagination. Mix it up a little with a creative texture pack like this one. It’s an easy way to add a blast of colour and interest to your photographs whilst making sure not to distract from what you’re actually showcasing.

30 Seamless Paper Textures30 Seamless Paper Textures30 Seamless Paper Textures
30 Seamless Paper Textures

4. Mangano

Another font with a great, visual punch is Mangano.  Somehow managing to have both classic and modern vibes, it would be particularly suited to products in the design, advertising or music industries.


5. Rollup Mockup

If your client is planning to make marketing materials from your images, then it can be useful to make some examples demonstrating how they might look. The Rollup Mockup is a useful Adobe Photoshop template that’s easy to use, with a light and dark option to choose from.

Rollup MockupRollup MockupRollup Mockup
Rollup Mockup

Each asset here is from Envato Elements, where you can download unlimited resources for a monthly subscription.

Tuts+ Tips

  • Choose the right lens. Wide angle lenses can distort your product, so make sure you know what to expect from your kit.
  • Good lighting can mean the difference between a desirable product and something that looks best avoided! Make sure your lighting works well for your subject.
  • Keep it steady. Using a tripod can stop blur and allow you to use wider apertures.
  • Don’t let clutter creep into your photograph. Keep your background as clean and clear as possible – try a portable studio.
  • Don’t undersell yourself. A client may think it’s ‘just a few shots’ but we know how much time, skill and effort it takes to get it right. Value your work.

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