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5 Amazing Assets to Plan and Promote a Photography Exhibition

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Exhibiting your photographic work is an exciting prospect, but pitching the idea, curating the images and advertising the show takes work. In this round-up, we've collected five templates and mock-ups that help make the process easier.


Clean and classic, the Art Gallery Mockup for Adobe Photoshop is a great way to show off your photographs with museum or gallery style lighting. It’s easy to place your photos using smart objects: just paste your work into the smart layers and adjust to suit.


2. Exhibition

Try something a little different by creating a video mockup of your proposed exhibition. This template for Adobe After Effects is modern and simple, and the added movement really enhances your offering and sets you apart.


3. Photography Flyer

Advertise your exhibition with this eye-catching flyer template for Adobe Photoshop. There are two designs to choose from, and it’s easy to swap out or customise images and text.

Photography FlyerPhotography FlyerPhotography Flyer
Photography Flyer

4. Poster Exhibition Gallery Mockups

This pack contains ten poster options, each a separate PSD file designed to hold high resolution photos. Some of the options will allow you also to include ‘visitors’ to your exhibition.

Poster Exhibition Gallery MockupsPoster Exhibition Gallery MockupsPoster Exhibition Gallery Mockups
Poster Exhibition Gallery Mockups

5. Art Exhibition Design

A funky and modern PDS template, Art Exhibition Design is for those who want to show their work in a more relaxed, informal setting: a community space or trendy café, for example.

Each asset here is from Envato Elements, where you can download unlimited resources for a monthly subscription.

Tuts+ Tips for Exhibiting Your Photography

  • If your portfolio is up to date, you’ll have an easier time choosing images to exhibit. Try and get an objective opinion – you’re too close to your own work sometimes to be able to make the right choices.
  • When it comes to a venue, you may have one in mind already. If not, think about starting with places like artist-run spaces, who’ll understand what you’re about and will be able to guide you in the right direction.
  • Work out how best to print your images. You want a balance between something that’s professional and looks great, and affordability.
  • If you’re working as a photographer, chances are you’re insured (and if not, you should be!) but be sure to double-check your insurer will cover an exhibition. It’s worth checking with the venue what their insurance covers, too.
  • Shout about it. It’s no good exhibiting if nobody knows about it! Make sure you advertise it through whatever channels you’re able: the venue, your own social media, flyers, posters and so on.

More Amazing Tips to Help You on Your Way

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