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5 Amazing Assets for Top Travel Videos

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Read Time: 3 mins
This post is part of a series called 5 Amazing Assets for Better Branding and Visual Communication.
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Travel, culture, adventure… just the thought of a trip is so exciting. Whether you’re travelling for fun or for work, the photographer in you just wants to capture everything and anything. How do you best share your travel videos, though? We’ve put together 5 Amazing Assets for Top Travel Videos to help you inspire and thrill your audience.

1. Travel Story

A multi-purpose template for Adobe Premiere Pro, Travel Story is perfect a perfect template for creating a professional travel video, advert, or even just to document your own trip and make a fancy presentation to entertain your friends!

Travel StoryTravel StoryTravel Story
Travel Story

2. Travel Routes Maker

A template for Adobe After Effects, Travel Routes Maker is a stylish way to map out a route in your travel video. A mix of olde worlde charm and modern animation, it’s the perfect visual accompaniment for your route.

Travel Routes MakerTravel Routes MakerTravel Routes Maker
Travel Routes Maker

3. Best Grand Trip Intro | World Map Kit

Choose from a dynamic spinning globe or flat map effect to display the places your film features. Zoom in anywhere on this After Effects template, and just add your video to the placeholders; simple!

Best Grand Trip Intro  World Map KitBest Grand Trip Intro  World Map KitBest Grand Trip Intro  World Map Kit
Best Grand Trip Intro | World Map Kit

4. Around The World (Broadcast Pack)

For use with After Effects, Around the World is a great all-in-one pack for your travel project. It includes an opener, closing credits, transitions, lower thirds and much more so you can concentrate on reliving your amazing adventure.

Around The World Broadcast PackAround The World Broadcast PackAround The World Broadcast Pack

5. Borderland Font

Borderland FontBorderland FontBorderland Font
Borderland Font

Borderland is an adventurous, hand-lettered font, with plenty of personality but still clear enough to read easily on your video. As well as the standard 26 characters, Borderland also comes with a bonus 25 glyphs including language support characters. 

Tuts+ Tips for Travel Videos

Each asset here is from Envato Elements, where you can download unlimited resources for a monthly subscription.

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