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5 Amazing Assets for Wonderful Wedding Videography

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This post is part of a series called 5 Amazing Assets for Better Branding and Visual Communication.
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You only get one chance to film a wedding, and pressure can be high. Here, we look at 5 Amazing Assets that can help ease some of the stress and let you focus on creating a wedding video that will preserve happy memories for years to come.

1. Wedding Memories — After Effects Slideshow Template

Wedding Memories for Adobe After Effects would make a great intro or outro to your wedding project. Show off snippets of your best stills or footage in a sophisticated and romantic slideshow.

Wedding MemoriesWedding MemoriesWedding Memories
Wedding Memories

2. Wedding Title V.2 — After Effects Title Pack

20 clean and classic wedding titles for Adobe After Effects await you in the Wedding Title V.2 Pack. These titles are perfect little animation intros for when text just isn’t enough. Delicate and modern, they’ll add elegance to your wedding video.

Wedding Title V2Wedding Title V2Wedding Title V2
Wedding Title V.2

3. Particles Waterfall — Looping Motion Graphic

Add some magic to your wedding video with the Particles Waterfall motion graphic. Perfect as a backdrop to lay text over.

4. Calia Macitta — Elegant Handwriting Script

Calia Macitta is modern script font filled with style and personality. As well as using it in your video project, it’s a great one for DVD cover titles or social media branding to accompany your video.

Calia MacittaCalia MacittaCalia Macitta
Calia Macitta

5. Wed Filming — Wedding Documentation Logo — Branding Template

A simple, attractive and easy-to-remember logo, Wed Filming is subtle and modern. This would be a great asset for someone who’s just starting out as a wedding videographer and needs a logo to help with their branding.

Wed Filming - Wedding Documentation LogoWed Filming - Wedding Documentation LogoWed Filming - Wedding Documentation Logo
Wed Filming - Wedding Documentation Logo

Each asset here is from Envato Elements, where you can download unlimited resources for a monthly subscription.

Tuts+ Tips for Wedding Wins

  • Communication is key. Knowing the running order and key people in the party is essential. Communication works both ways, too – make sure the couple know what your role will be on their big day.
  • Have backups, but don’t carry too much. Keep extras nearby in a secure location or locked in the boot of your car – don’t try to carry everything with you or you’ll spend more time lugging gear around than you will shooting.
  • Don’t forget audio. We can get so caught up in visuals that it’s easy to forget you need great audio too. Place microphones appropriately for speeches or see if you can plug into the PA system if they’re using one.
  • Remember B-roll. If you can have a second shooter, great! If not, then try to get into rooms before anyone else arrives to capture all the little details.
  • Try and capture people interacting naturally – this may mean you have to practice being stealthy!

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