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5 Amazing Assets for Marketing Your Drone Video Services

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Drones are en vogue and you might now find yourself competing with a number of other drone operators. We can help you stand out with our 5 Amazing Assets for Your Drone Services from Envato Elements, coupled with our top tips.

1. Drone Reveal

Reveal your logo in style with Drone Reveal for Adobe After Effects. It’s easy to change the drone colours and the logo on top of the drone, as well as several different animation versions to choose from.

Drone RevealDrone RevealDrone Reveal
Drone Reveal

2. Drone : Single Product PSD Template

Try this easy to use Adobe Photoshop template to create an attractive and simple website for your drone services. The template includes homepage and about us options, a portfolio section and even a blog, so you can keep your site fresh and up to date.

Drone  Single Product PSD TemplateDrone  Single Product PSD TemplateDrone  Single Product PSD Template
Drone : Single Product PSD Template

3. Drone

If you’re just getting started, you might not have any footage of your drone in action yet. Try Drone stock footage to give potential customers the idea of how your drone can get stunning video of places that are usually difficult to access.


4. Tech Drone Logo

This Photoshop compatible logo is fully editable, meaning you can change the colour and text to better suit your brand. The design is a simplified drone outline, meaning it’s modern and can be used on your various marketing outlets easily.

Tech Drone LogoTech Drone LogoTech Drone Logo
Tech Drone Logo

5. Brochure – Drone Photographer Tri-Fold Square

When it comes to promoting your drone services, you need literature that really looks the part. Brochure – Drone Photographer Tri-Fold is a Photoshop template that uses smart objects, so you can just drag and drop in your content. It’s print ready, with bleed included and there are two PSD files with the download.

Brochure  Drone Photographer Tri-Fold SquareBrochure  Drone Photographer Tri-Fold SquareBrochure  Drone Photographer Tri-Fold Square
Brochure – Drone Photographer Tri-Fold Square

Each asset here is from Envato Elements, where you can download unlimited resources for one low monthly subscription.

Tuts+ Tips for Capturing Drone Footage

  • Laws vary depending on the country you’re in, but make sure you’re abiding by the law where you are and that you have any relevant permissions or licenses (including a commercial license) you may need. This should be part of a thorough planning process before you head out to shoot.
  • Try adding tracking on your footage so that you can add titles or text in a dynamic way, later.
  • Check the weather forecast right up until the time of your shoot. Drones can be a little delicate and it’s best to try and fly them on clear, calm days.
  • Get insurance. If the worst happens you don’t want to be left out of pocket. If you damage something (or someone) else, you could also end up footing the bill for that too.
  • Use other good photography practises for great shots: look for patterns, symmetry and contrasting colours.

More Top Drone Tips

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