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5 Amazing Assets for Hair, Makeup and Beauty Tutorial Videos

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Have the know-how to get someone looking fabulous, but not not the video skills to give your channel the same level of visual goodness? Not to worry, we've put together five of our favourite pieces from Envato Elements to help your beauty blog, video or tutorial, shine!

1. Fashion Dreams Pack

Fashion Dreams pack is an Adobe After Effects template that includes a lower third, a photo and text presentation with eight image or video placeholders, andtwo bumper designs. Fresh, modern and full of colour, this download will add professionalism to your fashion video.

Fashion Dreams PackFashion Dreams PackFashion Dreams Pack
Fashion Dreams Pack

2. Summer Party

Fun, lively and bright, the Summer Party template for After Effects includes an opener and slideshow with 10 placeholders for video or photographs. Great for creating promos, or just to use to top and tail your fashion or beauty video, Summer Party is a great addition to your assets.

3. Beauty Logo

If you’re creating an online presence making hair, makeup or fashion tutorials, then you might want to consider a logo so that people can recognise your brand instantly! This simple Beauty Logo is a perfect starter logo; just change the text and colour to suit.

Beauty LogoBeauty LogoBeauty Logo
Beauty Logo

4. Beauty Heart Script

When you’re putting together your videos, it’s wise to think about the trimmings that we can sometimes be guilty of forgetting; like text! The Beauty Heart Script oozes charm and style, while still being easy to read. It also looks like it was written in eyeliner—perfect!

Beauty Heart ScriptBeauty Heart ScriptBeauty Heart Script
Beauty Heart Script

5. Beauty Box

Good, clean photographs of products or models’ makeup and hair might be included in your video or on your social media channels as teasers. It’s important to hold these photographs to as high a standard as your other offerings. The Beauty Box action set for Adobe Photoshop will help you with everything from quick retouching to colour correction.

Beauty BoxBeauty BoxBeauty Box
Beauty Box

Each asset here is from Envato Elements, where you can download unlimited resources for a monthly subscription.

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