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5 Amazing Assets for Your Online Photography Store

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This post is part of a series called 5 Amazing Assets for Better Branding and Visual Communication.
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Selling your photography is a natural progression for many. Getting started can be a bit daunting: how to make your store look great, what prices to set your photographs at and how to get people to actually buy them are just some of the questions that need answering. Here, we've put together some of our top tips for selling your photographs online, as well as 5 Amazing Assets from Envato Elements to help you on your way.

1. Photography Enthusiast

Perfect as a simple opener on your site, Photography Enthusiast is a video template for Adobe After Effects with both a dark and light version included. The font links are included in the PDF with the download.

Photography EnthusiastPhotography EnthusiastPhotography Enthusiast
Photography Enthusiast

2. Photography Enthusiast 2

If you loved Photography Enthusiast, then you’ll adore its sibling. A similar premise to its predecessor, but with a new design, Photography Enthusiast 2 also includes two versions which have a duration of 13 seconds.

Photography Enthusiast 2Photography Enthusiast 2Photography Enthusiast 2
Photography Enthusiast 2

3. Prosto Shop - E-Commerce PSD Kit

Prosto is a creative e-commerce kit for Adobe Photoshop. The folder consists of 18 layered PSD files which makes it easy to edit.  Although not specifically for photography, the pages are a great starting point for you to customise and integrate into your current site.

Prosto Shop - E-Commerce PSD KitProsto Shop - E-Commerce PSD KitProsto Shop - E-Commerce PSD Kit
Prosto Shop - E-Commerce PSD Kit

4. Finch – Photography & Magazine Site Template

Finch is a responsive template designed with photographers in mind. It’s a responsive site, meaning it’ll adapt to screen sizes, so your photos will look great whether they’re viewed on a desktop, or mobile device. There are three styles of blog to choose from and eight different colour schemes.

Finch  Photography  Magazine Site TemplateFinch  Photography  Magazine Site TemplateFinch  Photography  Magazine Site Template
Finch – Photography & Magazine Site Template

5. Stillness — Atmospheric Inspirational Slideshow

The Stillness slideshow template for After Effects is a great way to show off your photographs in a more dynamic way than usual portfolio pages. Great as an introduction to your website, or even to use on portfolio pages if you have a particular theme you want to show off, or a story to tell.

Stillness  Atmospheric Inspirational Slideshow The Stillness slideshoStillness  Atmospheric Inspirational Slideshow The Stillness slideshoStillness  Atmospheric Inspirational Slideshow The Stillness slidesho
Stillness — Atmospheric Inspirational Slideshow The Stillness slidesho

Each asset here is from Envato Elements, where you can download unlimited resources for a monthly subscription.

Tuts+ Tips for Selling Your Photo Online

  • Be selective. Having a smaller but more impressive offering leaves a better overall impression than a packed gallery. Think about sorting your images into separate galleries if your styles vary.
  • Have someone with experience look over your images where possible. They might be able to guide you in a direction that will help generate more sales.
  • Make sure your ecommerce site looks good, but most importantly, is functional.
  • Price realistically. Sorting prints yourself will always be a cheaper option, but you can take the hassle out of it by using an existing retailer who will then take a cut of the profits.
  • Use sales sparingly. People will soon tire of ‘I have a great offer on…’ posts. Make special offers and discounts really count by keeping them few and far between.

Tutorials to Help You Sell

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