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5 Amazing Assets to Bring New Life to Old Photos

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Read Time: 3 mins
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Your family photographs are precious, but they can so often sit in albums in the attic, gathering dust. In this list, we share 5 Amazing Assets to help you bring new life to your old photographs and keep them preserved in new and exciting ways, for many years to come

Each asset here is from Envato Elements, where you can download unlimited resources for a monthly subscription. 

1. Wonderful Memories Photo Slideshow

Create a beautiful slideshow of your photographs with the Wonderful Memories After Effects template. You can include up to 300 images or photographs, there are 12 scenes to choose from, and it’s easy to adjust the camera movement in each scene.

Wonderful Memories Photo SlideshowWonderful Memories Photo SlideshowWonderful Memories Photo Slideshow
Wonderful Memories Photo Slideshow

2. 16MM Film Projector - 3D Outline

This old-style film projector motion animation is a great little addition to any ‘family memories’ video. Add a touch of retro class with this vintage projector, with moving reels.

16MM Film Projector - 3D Outline16MM Film Projector - 3D Outline16MM Film Projector - 3D Outline
16MM Film Projector - 3D Outline

3. Family Or Baby Photo Album

One for Adobe InDesign, Family or Baby Photo Album is a 20 page design with a simple and clean layout. It’s fully editable and print-ready, so you can concentrate on making it look awesome.

Family Or Baby Photo AlbumFamily Or Baby Photo AlbumFamily Or Baby Photo Album
Family Or Baby Photo Album

4. Photo Story of Memories

Just add photos or video to this Adobe After Effects template to create a fresh and modern slideshow. Perfect for a themed album, like an event or wedding, or just as an overall montage of your family’s photographs.

Photo Story of MemoriesPhoto Story of MemoriesPhoto Story of Memories
Photo Story of Memories

5. Old Cinema Memories

An After Effects template with a vintage twist, Old Cinema Memories will create a photographic slideshow, with placeholders that look like photo frames placed around the house. This would make a great, short video for occasions like birthdays and anniversaries.

Old Cinema MemoriesOld Cinema MemoriesOld Cinema Memories
Old Cinema Memories

Tuts+ Tips for Family Albums

  • Organise your images before you start to try and compile them into a project – putting them into chronological order usually works best.
  • Take more photos. It’s great to look back over old images, but remember to keep updating as you go.
  • Include yourself. If you’re the family’s photographer then it can be easy to forget to have yourself in photos too! Use a tripod and the self-timer, or a remote shutter release to make sure you’re part of the fun too.
  • Less is often more. If you try to put everything into one album or presentation you’ll likely put everyone you show it to, to sleep. Try and pick only the best images, or best yet, theme them and make more than one.
  • If you’re digitising physical copies, remember to add some metadata to make future searches easier, and store the originals appropriately.

More Great Uses for Family Photos

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