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5 Hot New Adobe After Effects Items, Christmas Video Edition

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Cutting Edge: Five Exciting New Items for Video Artists, by Video Artists

Whether you're a seasoned pro or just getting into video, it’s tempting to search for what’s already popular. We all do it! But, looking for what's already proven, you can miss out on new possibilities.

In this series we show you brand new items for video creators: templates, kits, elements, scripts, or footage to give your productions a boost. The artists behind these items are blazing a new trail, why not you too?

This month, as you’d expect, Christmas items are really popular—so if you’re looking to make something special for family, friends or clients, look no further!

You can also check out the full rankings over on Envato Market any time.

1. This is Slideshow for Adobe After Effects

Our first new item is a clean, modern slideshow by  D-Music. With 4K resolution and fully customisable, you’ll love how easy this project is to use. Change out the placeholders for either images or video and if you’d like to keep the featured font, there’s a link to the free download included.

Not a Christmas template, but this item caught our attention as it shot up the new-item charts with 100 sales in less than a month. One to watch!

This is Slideshow This is Slideshow This is Slideshow
This is Slideshow 

Now on to the Christmas videos!

2. Christmas — Animated Holiday Opener

Flasheasy has created a beautifully animated short here that would be perfect as a promotional tool for a company, product or service. The animation is deceptively flexible: you can switch out the sky, Santa’s clothes, and control the snow and particles too. All this, plus a fast render time will guarantee you a holly, jolly Christmas.

3. Christmas — Cinematic Holiday Opener

Christmas, a warm and classic cinematic greeting card, was created by MotionPhysix. Type in any text you like, include your logo, and you’ve got the perfect marketing tool to score you some serious brownie points with clients or potential clients. There are eight unique scenes to choose from and the download comes with a PDF help file in case you get stuck.


4. Christmas Slideshow — Video Display Template

A lovely, festive download created by  F-I, Christmas Slideshow offers four different duration choices. As the length increases, so do the placeholders, so you can choose as much or as little content as you like to suit your project. There’s a link included to the free font, as well as the music used in the example.

Christmas Slideshow Christmas Slideshow Christmas Slideshow
Christmas Slideshow 

5. Christmas — Video Card Template

NenadVFX has created a slick, richly coloured greetings card, which rounds up our rather festive five quite nicely! Easily change text, colours, lights and particles without needing any extra plugins. There’s a font link included in the download and a PDF tutorial to guide you through making the perfect greeting.


See You in a Month for More New Items!

We hope you enjoyed our roundup this month and found some great new projects to try. Remember to pop back next month and see what new gems we’ve discovered on Envato Market.

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