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50 Super Surreal Photographs


Today, we look at some of the most biazarre and unreal photos ever taken. Surreal means have the disorienting, hallucinatory quality of a dream. It is a very creative style of photography as you have to have a good sense of vision and creativity to create things others wouldn't normally see.

I hope you enjoy these 50 examples of surreal photography.


who am II

Fireflies 'n' Stuff

In the Mist VII

Cable car


Raven 01

Big Bubble

Empty shout [EXPLORED]

Western Decay


The Remote Silica of Irregular Eyes and Jittery Bones



A Surreal Journey

Red Trauma


We meet again, Yellow Scarf.




Tacking Back Control

Alberto Polo Iañez - Red Points


Dreams edge


The Bubble Magician

Announcing the Rainbow Project


Forced Perspective 2

Don't fly past

A lone tree is a monument to its tenacity to survive against all odds

Yes - it's a shark in the roof.

Finding Earth

dino kart


What we cannot speak of

Rare Lewt


This is a photo straight out of camera. No Photoshop in sight!

Leipzig 1


Desert Ship


Why people don't fly

Flying umbrellas

Heaven's Gate

I caught a bushel of oranges.

No control

il disco si apre

Giraffes 09.12.2009


A Quick Look at Forced Perspective Photography

A lot of surreal images utilize a technique called "forced perspective." The great thing about using forced perspective is that you don't have to buy anything! You can use any camera you wish and with a small amount of creative input you can start snapping you own shots.

Forced perspetive is most commonly used for a comical effect. Often tourists away on hoilday pretend to lean on the back of famous landmarks, good examples of this include the Eiffel Tower and the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Forced perspective is also used in films to make things appear smaller or larger; No expensive CGI needed. One good example of this are the hobbits in the Lord of the Rings. The actors were the same height as the main cast but by using forced perspective were able to appear smaller. There is a great video located here all about it.

Another good example is in the Harry Potter films, the character Hadgrid is made to look larger by having smaller items placed around him and then regular sized items around the other cast members.

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Thanks For Reading!

I hope you enjoyed looking through these images. Feel free to share links to other inspiring images - your own, or other's - in the comments, and please make sure you comment on the original photographer's photos as well

If you wish to use any of the photos in this article please get in touch with the photographer first!

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