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50 Top Video Templates for Premiere Pro in 2022

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We know you'll have some amazing video ideas in 2022. To help you get creative, we've brought together 50 of our favourite Adobe Premiere Pro templates for you to try.

Top Video Templates for Premiere Pro in 2022

The following Premiere Pro projects are from Envato Elements, where you can download, try, and use as many creative assets as you like with a subscription. We've collected templates in these top categories:

  1. Logo Animation Templates
  2. Opener Templates
  3. Title Templates
  4. Lower-thirds Title Templates
  5. Design and Animation Elements
  6. Channel Graphics Packs
  7. Infographics Templates
  8. Slideshow Templates

If a subscription isn't what you're looking for at the end of this page you'll also find a selection of options from Envato Market, where you can pay for templates as you need them.

1. Logo Animation Templates for Premiere Pro

Don't just plonk your logo on screen, let the reveal be a part of your style! Many production houses slightly change how their logo is revealed depending on the film or project they're making. It's a great way to be creative and relevant to your current project, while still displaying your all-important icon.

Logo Reveal

Dazzle your audience with a fun logo reveal that has some personality. Just pop your logo or text into the placeholder and you’re ready to go. This logo sting download includes multiple color options and useful icons.

Distort Glitch Title Reveal

Here's one that will leave an impression! This Distort Glitch Title Reveal has the right amount of flash and energy to reveal your logo with a bang.

Glitch Distortion Logo Intro

Back to back logo reveals with this style is definitely not a glitch. This template takes a different approach to the glitch look.

Streaks Logo Revealer Premiere PRO

With two color options included, Streaks Logo Revealer is a light reveal that would be great for a project hype video.

Color Smoke Logo Reveal 5 - Premiere Pro

A modern reveal with a colorful twist, Color Smoke is something creative and different that would add interest to any project.

Particle Burst Logo Reveal Premiere Pro

Reveal your logo in a popular particle burst with this template for Premiere Pro.

2. Opener Templates for Premiere Pro

The opener is your first chance to capture your viewer's attention and impress them. Try Premiere Pro opener templates that fit your genre of video or film and add professionalism and style to the production.

Glitch Opener VHS

Glitch Opener VHS template for Adobe Premiere Pro is a fun way to display your project’s opening sequence. It works with your images, video and text to create a cool, nostalgic effect.

Paint Brush Slides Opener

Paint Brush Slides is an eye-catching, dynamic, and upbeat opener based around broad brush strokes. 

Dynamic Urban Opener

Modern and cool, Dynamic Urban Opener has a clean design suited to sport, fashion and more.

Paint Opener

Paint Opener is abstract and pretty with a really unique style; great if you want to try something a bit different.

Sport Motivational Opener

Action-packed and designed to inspire, Sport Motivational Opener will have your audience ready to grab their running shoes.

80's VHS Intro Pack | MOGRT for Premiere Pro

11 animated intros await you in the 80’s VHS Intro Pack for Premiere Pro with Tron, Miami Vice and Back to the Future inspired vibes. Vaporwave-ready.

3. Title Templates For Premiere Pro

Consistency is key with titles, but you don't want them to be boring either. A great titles template is one that offers a recognisably uniform style but offers the flexibility of subtle changes like colour, so that you can make it right for your video.

The Complete 80's Title Toolkit | Text Maker For Premiere Pro MOGRT

Now here's a real blast from the past, or at least a jazzy imagination of how we like to think people from the pre-internet past imagined the future would be. Well, the future is now! The Complete 80's Title Toolkit is a great set of high-quality titles to give your project a classic retro style. They’re easy to edit and customise, and would work well with a number of video projects.

Catch Your Titles

Catch Your Titles is a pretty handy download to have (hold your applause). It comes with 20 title placeholders that are full HD!  

Monochrome Typography

The monochrome look works well with typography. These title templates take that perfect match and put it to good use for you.

Charging Streaks Title

Charging Streaks is a title template with a real buzz. It’s easy to customise in just a few clicks.

Redacted Titles | MOGRT for Premiere Pro

Titles, the government conspiracy way with Redacted Titles. Great for documentaries.

Redacted Titles MOGRT Premiere Pro

4. Lower-Thirds Templates for Premiere Pro

Lower-thirds motion graphics often get overlooked, but they're a very useful way to get across interviewees' names and titles, locations or other key information. Creating lower-thirds in a consistent, unobtrusive, and yet still pleasing-to-the-eye way can be hard, and that's where templates really shine.

Clean Lower Third

Simple yet well designed, Clean Lower Third includes 14 visually interesting title templates that don't distract from your information.

Lower Third Titles Pack

Here's the perfect lower-thirds pack for those constantly creating. It's filled with titles with different design styles for every occasion. 

Pop Lower Thirds

Pop Lower Thirds are modern and fun option, with a colorful, vibrant style.

Minimal Lower Thirds

Classic, minimal lower thirds suited for any project – just drop into your timeline.

Clean Lower Thirds for Premiere

Clean Lower Thirds includes 22 options with easy colour customisation and duration controls.

5. Design and Animation Element Templates

Where would we be without the people who create the little things we just don't know we need... until we need them! Creating specific motion graphic and animation elements can just be too big an ask, so it's handy to be able to choose from templates that already exist and can easily be customised to suit your projects.

Text Messages Package l MOGRT for Premiere Pro

Looking for an alternate way to present your product? Try the Text Messages Package for Premiere Pro to create a buzz leading up to the big day.

Basic - Animation Icons (MOGRT)

Get back to basics with this icons pack for Premiere Pro. It takes classic icons and animates them, making your video projects more dynamic.

Education and Science Animation | Premiere Pro MOGRT

Get back to the classroom with Education and Science Animation. They're excellent for your video projects based around academics.

Comic Bubbles MOGRT

You too can KABOOM and KREKKKKK in finest traditional comic book style, with Comic Bubbles.

Flash FX Abstract Shapes

Swoop and swirl with the best of them, with Flash FX Abstract Shapes, a great way to create fun transitions or text reveals.

Flash FX Abstract Shapes Premiere Pro Project Template

6. Graphics Packs for Channels and Broadcasts

Having graphics with coherent design makes things easier to watch for your audience, and in time they'll come to recognise your distinct style. A broadcast package is colections of design elements and titles that makes for a simple way to ensure your various graphics, text styles, YouTube end screens, and animations all look intentional and work well together.

Entertainment Broadcast Package

A fun package, Entertainment makes use of a quirky flat design and great transitions. It includes graphics that fit a number of topics, like travel, fitness, and more.

Lava Broadcast Package | Essential Graphics | Mogrt

With eye-catching colours and subtle motion in the form of ‘lava’ bubbles, this a modern template perfect for YouTubers, fashion shows, vlogs and more.

Broadcast Package - Essential Graphics

With geometric shapes and smart transitions, this broadcast package lives up to its essential name. It's customizable and features lower thirds, titles, and more.

Broadcast Hand Package Essential Graphics | Mogrt 

Broadcast Hand Package is a nice visual twist on the usual ‘explainer’ type templates. A hand animation brings in your logo or text, before leaving the screen so your information is clear and easy to read.

7. Data Visualisation and Infographics Templates for Premiere Pro

Displaying data in videos is a tricky balance between getting your information across clearly and accurately and keeping your audience watching. Data visualizations, or infographics, are a great visual tool for showing off facts, figures and statistics in a way that will interest a viewer, inform them and best of all, help them to understand your data.

Easy Infographic For Premiere

Easy Infographic For Premiere is a nicely made, stylish bundle. Choose from flat graphics of traditional charts and dynamic data with modern gradients. If you like minimal but still want personality and professionalism then this is the template for you.

Minimal Infographics | MOGRT

Not only does this infographics pack include useful infographics, but it comes in light and dark mode! You'll get maps, diagrams, social icons, and more in this bundle. 

Infographic Graphs Toolkit-MOGRT

Enjoy 5 modern graphs and charts with this download. Customize colors and data as needed.

Flat Animated Icons Library Essential Graphics | Mogrt

A comprehensive library of icons to cover just about every eventuality!

Call-Outs Tool Kit | MOGRT Files for Premiere Pro

Call-Outs includes 60 motion graphic files with animated titles in three styles and added sound effects.

8. Slideshow Templates for Premiere Pro

If you're showing off images or video in a slideshow then why not do it with one that's themed to the style of your project? A Premiere Pro video template is a time-saving way to display your wares and make a nice-looking end product to boot.

Techno Slideshow Digital Inspiration

The digital world can inspire really great design. Case in point, Techno Slideshow. This video display template has a futuristic vibe that is nice to look at while still centering your content.

Curves Slideshow

Curves Slideshow is a colorful multi-layered slideshow with a gentle, pleasing three-dimensional motion effect.

Dynamic Slideshow

Just drag and drop your video or images into the template to get going with Dynamic Slideshow.

Slideshow - Fashionable Promo

Strike a pose for the Fashionable Promo Slideshow. It’s modern, smooth and packed with style!

Clean Corporate - Premiere Promo

There’s no reason for your business production to be boring; try Clean Corporate for Premiere Pro.

Film Titles Opener Slideshow

One for your documentary or personal family history project, Film Titles is the perfect way to display images that mean a lot to you.

Top Templates From Envato Market for Premiere Pro

Flat Logo Intro 

A clean Premiere Pro template with a stylish and minimal style. Just replace the text and drop in your logo and render.


A short opener which is perfect for your YouTube channel or as an intro to your video projects. The pack also includes a matching outro!

Auto Resizing Titles and Lower Thirds

A pack of nifty resizing titles and lower thirds with various shapes and animations. It’s easy to change line positions, spacing, duration, and colours.

Social Media Lower Thirds

Useful for promoting a variety of social channels, these flat lower thirds with animated icons also include 5 ‘like’ and ‘subscribe’ buttons.

Seamless Transitions

This is a huge pack, with over a thousand different elements including transitions, presets, and sound effects.

Broadcast Package For Premiere Pro

Each scene has different animations and you can change the colours in one easy click.

Simple Flat Infographics Bundle

Over 180 animated infographics including charts, outline icons, timelines and more.


Slideshow for Premiere Pro includes 12 media placeholders and 12 for text. There’s a link to the free font used, included with the download.

More Premiere Pro Resources From Envato

If you regularly need to make promo videos or work on video marketing, you'll want to check out these resources straight from Envato.

Learn Premiere Pro With Envato Tuts+

Premiere Pro is a powerful video editing tool used worldwide. Whether you've just started using the program or have done so for years, you can still learn a thing or two from Envato Tuts+.

Check out Premiere Pro video tutorials from the Envato Tuts+ YouTube channel. There are quite a few videos you'll want to bookmark, like the one below.

Find Even More Premiere Pro Templates for Creative Projects

The Envato Tuts+ team has gathered some of the best video templates from Envato Elements and Envato Market. If you need some more inspiration for your videos, find some below. 

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