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60+ More Awesome Photoshop Actions for Photographers


Last year we featured an article with over 100 Free Photoshop Actions for you to use. Many of you you asked for more, so today we're back with another 60 handy Photoshop actions to save time and effort. Each offers an interesting and unique effect, so click through to take a look!

Also, if you’re looking for commercial quality results, and you’re in a hurry to get a professional solution, then choose from one of the hundreds of affordable Photoshop Actions available for purchase on Envato Elements. 

Photoshop Actions available for purchase on Envato Elements
Photoshop Actions available for purchase on Envato Elements

Making Your Own Actions

This is a follow up from 100 Free Photoshop Actions (And How to Make Your Own). If you wish to learn how to make your own actions, be sure to take a look at this post. Alternatively, you could check out our Quick Tip on Automated Watermarking with Photoshop, which covers many of the same techniques!

Premium Photoshop Actions

Before jumping into these freebies, first take a look at a handful of premium options available on Envato Elements. If you’re looking for professional results, then we have you covered! Here are a number of Photoshop Actions available for download on our digital marketplace. For a single, affordable monthly fee, you can download as many actions and other creative assets as you want!

1. Soft Focus Photoshop Action

How does the Soft Focus Photoshop Action work? You simply brush over your photo the area that you want to remain in focus and play the Action! You can add a stunning softness to your photos with just a few clicks.

2. Dimension Photoshop Action

This easy-to-use Photoshop action lets you gives you an amazing set of features, including:

  • The ability to choose from 8 different glass patterns.
  • Each glass pattern can be scaled up or down to create different sized glass shards.
  • 10 color options which can be combined to create additional color looks.
  • Easy to control which part of your subject appears in front or behind the glass wall.
Dimension Photoshop Action

3. HDR Stock Photoshop Actions

Creating a High Dynamic Range image usually requires merging multiple images shot at different exposures, but this set of 18 Photoshop actions can achieve similar results without merging bracketed photos.

Turn your normal images into stunning HDR photos, retrieve highlights and shadows and make your images pop—all in a single click!

HDR Stock Photoshop Actions

4. Peony Photoshop Action

This action lets you create rich, natural toning for portrait, fashion and fine-art photography. Tired of dull greens and florals? This action is a solution, adding volume and color depth, with a special color shift tune-up to all greens and flowers.

Peony Photoshop Action

5. Moleculum - Сorpuscular Photoshop Action

Looking for something a bit different? This hi-tech Photoshop action lets you create the effect of molecular breaking of the object on your photo. It includes four actions with different directions: up, left, right, and down. It gives a highly detailed result and is easy to use, customise, and improve.

Moleculum - Сorpuscular Photoshop Action

60+ Free Photoshop Actions

kalifbanane - Cross Colouring Tool 1.1

Color enhancing actions

Facebook Fix - Add a watermark/resize/rotate

Photoshop Action: Diabolic

Photoshop Action: Foliage

Photoshop Action: FrostBite


Action set #1

Oscar's Pitch Photoshop Action 1

Tony's Soft Face #2

Soften Skin Effect

Polaroid Generator V2

Night Fate - Photoshop actions

Black white sepia PS action

LT's Marshmallow action

Magic effect 4.2

i-Dark 3.02

PS actions - 5 in 1

PS actions - Cool vintage

PS actions - Snow, summer and winter

Ghost Stories - 9 Awesome Actions

Colour changing actions

My Dark Desire - 18 Free actions

3D actions pack

Daisy actions

Cute Actions

Hipstamatic- "Purple glitter"


Act 01 Actions Away

Photoshop actions - 86

Rainy Day

8 Useful actions

Canvas effect

Purple actions

Photoshop action 3


Night Action

100 Photo styles action

Photoshop actions - 101

Our Love

Actions: "Retro-Vintage"

Warm light action

2011 New Year Action


Unwritten Action

Break Out Action

Hebah Photography - Action pack 7

Nature Effect

Photoshop Actions 27

Hard Candy Action

Lomita - Action 11

Landscape Effect PS Action 0.2

HDR fake action

PS Actions - HDR Post Effects

PS Actions - ReColor Old

Photographers Toolkit Vol 1

Holga action

Urban Blue

Wedding Enhancer Kit

Professional Actions at GraphicRiver

For just a few dollars you can find many professional actions over on GraphicRiver. This is another site in the Envato network, with plenty of relevant content for photographers! Here are a few examples of what you'll find:

Photo Effects Actions

Images Essentials Photoshop Actions

Glow Actions

PRO Actions - 30 Film Effects

PRO Actions - 42 Special Effects

Thanks For Reading!

I hope you enjoyed looking through these fantastic Photoshop actions. Be sure to click through to each site, and take a closer look at what's on offer. If you know of a great action that we didn't feature today, be sure to share it in the comments! 

And you can purchase affordable, high-quality Photoshop Actions on Envato Elements, where a single affordable monthly fee gives you unlimited access to a massive range of creative assets.

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