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7 Striking Print Resume Templates for Visual Artists

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Creating your CV or resume can be an arduous task. You're not only giving careful thought to what you should include, but also trying to work out the best way to present it all in order to get the best result from an employer. 

We've put together our seven favourite visually striking resume templates in one easy list, so if you're looking for something that showcases your creative talent, you'll hopefully find something here that's perfect for you.

1. Visual Resume

The Visual Resume is an Adobe Indesign template for creatives who want to pack a bit of punch into their resume or CV. Change colours, incorporate infographics and add photographs or illustrations to wow your potential employer or client.

Visual ResumeVisual ResumeVisual Resume
Visual Resume by Temp-ly and Envato

2. The CV

This download comes with a number of file formats, including Word, Illustrator and Photoshop. With a strong structure and bold fonts, this CV is professional, yet stands out from the crowd. Add a handy portfolio section or create a covering letter with the included pages, too

The CVThe CVThe CV
The CV by CodePower and Envato

3. Infographic Resume Bundle

The world has gone infographic mad, it seems and now you can get your resume looking bang on trend with the Infographic Resume Bundle for Photoshop or InDesign. Choose from a single or double page template to keep things brief and easy on the eye—you’ll land that job in no time!

Infographic Resume BundleInfographic Resume BundleInfographic Resume Bundle
Infographic Resume Bundle by Paolo6180 and Envato

4. Retro Style Resume

These fully layered PSD files are customisable and come in 5 different colours. Transport your CV to a time of style and class with this vintage look. It’s so pretty, you need to make sure your future boss reads it, not frames it.

Retro Style ResumeRetro Style ResumeRetro Style Resume
Retro Style Resume by Cruzine and Envato.

5. Resume

Good for most popular formats like Word, Photoshop and InDesign, this template is very flexible. Bold blocks of colour, teamed with grey, look professional, yet still add a splash of fun. Include pictures, infographics and charts ‘til your heart’s content.

Resume by TypoEdition and Envato

6. Creative Resume

This InDesign template exudes creativity—it’s even in the name! Featuring 10 A4 pages that are fully customisable, this CV has the look of a high-end magazine. Print on good quality paper to really make your portfolio pop from the page.

Creative ResumeCreative ResumeCreative Resume
Creative Resume by Siomipan and Envato

7. Creative Resume

Available in PSD and AI format, this resume comes with 3 pages, plus a cover letter and set of icons. All graphics included are vector, so you never have to worry that moving or resizing will cause distortion.

Creative ResumeCreative ResumeCreative Resume
Creative Resume by Feeltheblue and Envato

How to Make a Good First Impression

We hope you've found something here that you love and works for you. Making a great resume takes more than a good template though, of course. Below are a few tutorials to help you on your way to making the best impression:

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