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A Look at Cinematic Aerial Video Post-Production With Charles Yeager

Welcome to the Weekly What's Up! 

Feature Interview: Cinematic Drone Video Post-Production with Charles Yeager

This week we catch up with Charles Yeager to chat about his latest course, Cinematic Drone Video Post-Production.

In this interview we learn about post-production practices that add cinematic value to your aerial footage, including lens distortion removal, how to avoid 'jello' effects on footage, color grading, 3D camera tracking, and more. This course also includes example clips in the Source Files that can be used to follow along with each lesson.

Watch the Introduction

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We had a big week last week! We covered everything from answering What is the Golden Hour? to How to Clean Up Noisy Footage with Neat Video.

Looking Ahead to Next Week

We continue our coverage of aerial photography when Marie Gardiner takes a closer look at this photo in the next installment of Look at This!

Strip farming fields by george hunterStrip farming fields by george hunterStrip farming fields by george hunter
'Strip-farming fields at harvest time on the outskirts of Lethbridge, Alberta' by George Hunter via Library and Archives Canada
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