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A Quick Start Guide to Silver Efex Pro 2 for Black and White Imagery

This post is part of a series called Black and White Photography.
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If you're a black and white aficionado, you understand the allure of its silky tonality, its organic grain and its crisp detail. Bringing that into the digital age is difficult. Digital sensors can't replicate the tonal graduations as effectively. Low pass filters kill that crisp fine detail. However, Silver Efex Pro 2 is trying to help fix that.


Even the powerhouse that is Photoshop is relatively limited in how well it can recreate the effect. While it's generally possible, it usually involves a lot of time and effort. Is there a more efficient way? Enter Silver Efex Pro 2. In this video tutorial, you'll get all the information you need to get started with the program. I'll show you around, and we'll process some images together.

Watch The Tutorial

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