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5 Amazing Assets to Create a Fun Vacation Video With the Kids

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It’s back to school time here in the UK. If you’ve been spending some time together with youngsters this summer, why not put together a video of some of those special moments? Here are five of our favourites assets from  Envato Elements to help you create the perfect memento of your summer.

1. Travel Story

A nice multi-purpose template for Adobe Premiere Pro, Travel Story is a great way to display travel photos easily and effectively. Choose a colour that fits your holiday theme, add images, videos and text and hit render – simple!

Travel StoryTravel StoryTravel Story
Travel Story

2. Travel & Vacations Explainer Toolkit

The kids will love this animated explainer toolkit for Adobe After Effects. Choose from a variety of characters and holiday themes to recreate your vacation or trips out with the family.

Travel  Vacations Explainer ToolkitTravel  Vacations Explainer ToolkitTravel  Vacations Explainer Toolkit
Travel & Vacations Explainer Toolkit

3. Tall & Tiny Font Duo

If you’re looking for a fun font in include in your project, then try Tall & Tiny Font Duo. Appealing to kids, it’s a playful, hand-written font, created by the author for their son. There are some sweet little extra touches like hand-drawn bugs, insects, flowers and more.

Tall  Tiny Font Duo
Tall & Tiny Font Duo

4. Kidzee - Summer Camp For Kids

Kidzee for Adobe After Effects is a vibrant template that the kids will love. Although the demo has been set up for a kids’ camp, it’s the perfect way to show off your summer holiday fun with bright, eye-catching text and colours. The kids will be the envy of all their friends!

Kidzee - Summer Camp For KidsKidzee - Summer Camp For KidsKidzee - Summer Camp For Kids
Kidzee - Summer Camp For Kids

5. Doodle Brushes

Remember doodling all over your school exercise book? It’s been turned into a brilliant brush set for Adobe Illustrator. Use this to add some fun to your project by adding such classics as stars and spaceships!

Doodle BrushesDoodle BrushesDoodle Brushes
Doodle Brushes

Each asset here is from Envato Elements, where you can download unlimited resources for a monthly subscription.

 Tuts+ Top Tips

  •  It’s got to be fun for the kids, so remember to keep it simple and let them do some of the work!
  • If you haven’t been anywhere yet, but you’re planning to, let the kids get some footage and photographs of their own. It means you’ll actually get to be in some shots other than selfies, too.
  • Choose some cool music to fit your video, maybe a track the kids enjoyed while you were on holiday! Be aware of any licensing issues though if you’re planning to upload and share your video.
  • If you want to keep the project going for longer, try getting the kids to storyboard some ideas before you get started!
  • Have a screening with a few family and friends to make the kids feel like they’re having a little Hollywood premiere!

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