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Chamira Young on Using Capture One for Fashion Photography Post-Production

Welcome to the Weekly What's Up! Here's what's happening at Tuts+ Photo & Video this week:

Featured Course: Capture One for Fashion Photographers

This week's featured course is Capture One for Fashion Photographers by Chamira Young. Capture One is a post-production suite similar to Adobe Lightroom, but with extra powerful correction and adjustment tools for fashion workflows. This course will help you develop an understanding of what makes a fashion image and explore your personal style.

Watch the Introduction

Tutorials This Week


Later today, Harry Guinness show's How to Use Photoshop's "Blend If" Slider in 60 Seconds.


On Tuesday, Anthony James is back with a continuation of our Night Photography series in How to Set and Control Your Camera Manually for Night Photography.


Wednesday, we have a new course from Charles Yeager, Cinematic Drone Video Post-Production. This course is a follow-up to Charles' previous course, Cinematic Drone Video Production.


Thursday, Marie Gardiner considers an Image from the Great Depression by Berenice Abbott. Last time, Marie looked at a leisure image.


and on Friday, Harry answers: What is the Golden Hour?

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