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3 Cool Stream Starting Soon Video Templates on PlaceIt DIY Motion Graphics Maker

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To keep your audience engaged while waiting for your stream to start, try a bespoke motion graphic as a holding screen. In this article we highlight three of our favourite templates from Placeit, where you can make motion graphics videos in your web browser from professionally-designed templates.

3 Stream Starting Soon Templates on PlaceIt DIY Motion Graphics Maker

1. Twitch Starting Soon Screen Video Maker with Animated Wavy Lines

Brightly coloured swirls distort on the screen to reveal your ‘Twitch starting soon’ message. You can change the colour gradients of the shapes, the background colour, the fonts and the playback speed of the animation

2. Starting Soon Screen Video Generator for Gamers With Retro-Styled Graphics

This template has a retro theme, with square, blocky graphic animations. You can change all the colours to suit your brand, and there are plenty of ‘retro’ fonts to choose from too.

3. Flashing Loop Animation Video Maker for a Starting Soon Twitch Screen

Featuring flashing animations and geometric decorations, this starting soon screen will certainly grab your viewers’ attention. Change out the background photo, colours and fonts to make something that fits your channel.

More Streaming Video Templates

If you’d like to make more assets for your stream, here are three great resources from Envato Elements, where thousands of graphics and videos assets are included in the subscription.

Flip Counter Creator – Premiere Pro Template

Add a flip counter to your stream to help build excitement!

Online Live Streaming Pack – After Effects Template

A comprehensive streaming pack with useful icons and elements.

Decoding Digital Stream – After Effects Template

A cool digital style particle logo reveal with three different camera movement options.

More Video Resources From Envato

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Download Free Video, Free Music, and Free Motion Graphics Templates From Mixkit

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Make a Motion Graphics Video Online With PlaceIt

You don't need professional software to create visually-appealing videos, you can make them right in your browser: PlaceIt is an online service with a video maker uses professionally-designed motion graphics templates.

clock background from Envato Elementsclock background from Envato Elementsclock background from Envato Elements
Clock background - available from Envato Elements

Envato Elements: Unlimited Downloads

Envato Elements offers millions of stock items: photosmusicvideo clipsfonts, graphics templates of all sorts, video project templates for After EffectsPremiere ProFinal Cut Pro and Motion, and creative courses from Envato Tuts+, all with a single subscription.

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