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Creative Image Adjustment with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

One of the most powerful things about Adobe Lightroom is that when you're first learning it's easy to play with all of the sliders in the Develop module. The combinations of tweaks and adjustments that you can apply are endless! Lightroom's non-destructive catalogue system allows us to make an unlimited number of changes to an image with no loss in quality. This facility for creative play really helps you see all the potential in your images.

On the other hand, limitless potential can be overwhelming. Once you've found your way comfortably around the toolkit, how do you get down to making pictures look good?

The tutorials in this learning guide will help you build your essential post-processing skills beyond the basics—without going overboard. Each showcases a different way to use the Develop module to bring an image to its full potential and will give you some great ideas for how to style your images creatively.

Free Tutorials

Creative Black and White Conversion and Split Toning

Color imaging is overrated! These tutorials showcase the power monochrome image conversion in Adobe Lightroom.

Creative Color Treatments

The hue/saturation/luminance panel in Adobe Lightroom is incredibly powerful for controlling the colors of an image. These tutorials are great for getting ideas over how to control those sliders and more.

Local Contrast and Color Adjustments

Adobe have steadily moved into Lightroom many of the tools that you once had to rely on Photoshop for, including some very powerful brushes, gradients, and retouching tools.

Power Up Your Workflow With Presets

For power users, Lightroom presets are one of the best tools to expedite the image editing process. Presets allow you to save your settings and apply them to other images with a single click. These two tutorials are a great crash course on how and why to use presets.

Lightroom Courses

Give Your Digital Images a Colour Film Look

In this short course, Harry Guinness takes a look at what makes colour film visually unique and shows how to emulate the film look with your digital images in a subtle and stylish way in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Using a sample image, you'll learn how to approach building your own creative look with consistency and personality.

Adobe Lightroom CC for Photographers

This course is for photographers who want to take their digital workflow to the next level. We start with how to managing and organize your photos properly,  then correct them so that they look their best.

You can take our new course straight away by subscribing to Tuts+. For just $15 a month, you get access to this course and hundreds of others, with new ones added every week.

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