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Creative Sessions: Illustrative Lettering Launch

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Our first creative session on Character Illustration was a runaway success. This month we're covering Illustrative Lettering, which touches on numerous creative fields. Historically, one could look to calligraphers, hand painted signage, and more. Even with early printed books it was small print runs and hand set type. In this session, you'll learn how professional illustrators are inspired by lettering traditions from the past, and how they integrate this into their digital workflow.

We'll cover theory on how to creatively use type. You'll learn how to integrate lettering and style. We'll deliver a handful of case studies that range from lettering in the context of culture, to wearable letters, and merging one's digital process with hand painting a type inspired canvas. This session also deliver a truckload of lettering tips and typographic inspiration. Get started with Day 1, Developing a Passion for Illustrative Lettering.

Participate in this Session's Group Project

Jump over to this Session's creative project Illustrate the Alphabet. In this session's project the brief is to illustrate the alphabet, that's right draw the letters A-Z. Not only does this project build your skills with crafting letters, refining your process, and mastering your craft, but it will get you thinking about how letters work together, and how to build a stylistically cohesive set. You can post your projects in the comments here and get some feedback from the community.

Download this Session's Cover Art as a Digital Wallpaper

Jump over to this session introduction to download this session's wallpapers made by Matt Lyons.


More Creative Sessions

Creative Sessions logo.Every month we'll be running a two week Session on a creative topic. Our second Session, beginning today, is on Illustrative Lettering, and future Sessions will be on varied topics like interface design, gaming design, and creative freelancing. Unlike regular Tuts+ content, Sessions content is more theoretical, opinion based and will often cross many disciplines.

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