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Earn an Extra $11k Per Year as a Phototuts+ Author


Phototuts+ is on the lookout for a rockstar photographer, eager to share his or her knowledge and skills with a global audience. You write tutorials, we pay you. It's a beautiful thing. Think you've got what it takes to be a Phototuts+ contributor? Read on to find out how to apply.

We'll Pay You a Great Rate

If you're interested in earning some extra cash to fill in the gaps between photography jobs, this is the perfect gig for you. We're looking for an instructor who is able to commit to producing three tutorials per month. We'll guarantee you a regular slot in our schedule, and pay you $300 for each tutorial (that's just under $11,000 per year!)


What We're Looking For

We need someone who is able to cover the full gamut of photography skills, from the absolute basics to high level professional insight and even DIY projects. Ideally, you'd be able to cover a wide range of photographic niches: fashion, photojournalism, weddings and portraits. You name it, we want it!

photo examples

You must also be comfortable with the English language. We can proof your content, but we can’t rewrite everything for you. To put it simply, if you struggle when deciding whether to write its or it’s, this might not be the gig for you.

We'd Love to Have You

Here at Phototuts+, we love working with talented photographers. We work hard to ensure that the process is enjoyable and not overcomplicated or intimidating. Our editor will personally work with you to develop your concepts and hone your submissions into something that is perfect for our audience. When you succeed, we succeed.

Our editor will personally work with you to develop your concepts...

Sign Up In Two Minutes!

Ready to sign up to become a Phototuts+ author? All it takes is a few portfolio links and some contact information. We'll send you an email if we think you're a good candidate. We're looking for a lot of new contributors so don't be shy, give it a shot!

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