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Ed Kashi on the Changing Face of Marseille


Just because you didn’t get to go to that awesome photography conference doesn’t mean that you can’t learn something from the pros! Occasionally, we’ll be featuring a recommended photography lecture or interview on Phototuts+.

Today, we're featuring a piece from National Geographic Live! Ed Kashi recently documented the city of Marseille, France. According to his website, "while the rest of Europe frets over immigration and its impacts, Marseille, France's largest city, has built a peculiar cohesiveness out of diversity and difference. The population of nearly one million is the most ethnically diverse in France: a third claim roots in Italy; there are 80,000 Jews making it the third largest Jewish community in Europe; there are 200,000 Africans of which most are Muslim.

"This mlange of identities has created a distinct sense of belonging and pride though it has not been without its challenges. Still it remains strangely immune to ethnic violence. Once famous as a hang out of the Mafia and a highway for heroin it is on the verge of becoming a hip destination with its broad beaches, world music and international cuisine. And perhaps even a lesson in tolerance for the rest of Europe."

Ed Kashi is probably one of the top ten photojournalists currently working in the world and a pioneer of new media journalism. Visit his excellent website at www.edkashi.com.

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