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Eric Schwabel as the Human Light Suit

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Just because you didn’t get to go to that awesome photography conference doesn’t mean that you can’t learn something from the pros! Occasionally, we’ll be featuring a recommended photography lecture or interview on Phototuts+.

Eric Schwabel is a California-based portrait and celebrity photographer. This summer he went to Burning Man, an annual arts festival in the middle of the Nevada desert. More incredible he spent most the time with a portable studio strapped to his body, making for some incredible images.

Schwabel's light suit garnered a bit of attention on the web back in July after Burning Man ended, but I think this video he produced himself really sums up the task and the imagery. It's chock full of his incredible photos and some video of his actual setup. This is less of a lecture or interview and more a glimpse into a fabulous and ambitious idea.

You can learn more about Eric Schwabel and see more of his non-Burning Man photos at Burning Man is probably the most stunning art festival in the United States. Frankly, calling it a "festival" really doesn't do it justice. Thousands of people create an impromptu city for seven days in the middle of the desolate and harsh Nevada desert every year. Huge art vehicles that roam over the sand, and people spent all year preparing exhibition and costumes. If you're not familiar with Burning Man (and even if you are), learn more at

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