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Faces of Envato - Chicago Meetup 2010


I had great intentions to put together a thorough recap of our recent Envato Chicago Meetup, but alas... real life takes a lot of time. Instead of just forgetting the idea all together, I figured you'd at least like to see a short montage I put together during our group meetings. It was a treat to meet all the other editors, site managers, and Envato staff that could make the trip. I hope this video will be fun to watch just for putting faces to those responsible for your favorite sites.... enjoy!

A note from your editor: Unfortunately, I wasn't actually able to attend the meet-up in Chicago this year, so you won't spot me in the video! It's a great introduction to everyone else who works on the Tuts+ and Envato team. Thanks to Adam over at Aetuts+ for putting it together!

Faces of Envato

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