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3 Top Fix and Repair Scene Animation Templates for After Effects

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Scene situations and character animations play out scenarios that you can use to tell your story. In this article we're taking a look at some of our favourite animated fix and repair templates for After Effects that could be used to create a fun and useful fix and repair tutorial. 

Help Service - Available from Envato Elements

Fix and Repair Scene Animation Templates for After Effects

These After Effects templates are available from Envato Elements, the unlimited-downloads creative stock subscription with millions of assets.

Repairs - Character Set

A fun and charming collection of animated characters that show a variety repair jobs. You can easily the edit colours to match any style!

Caretaking - Character Set

Not all repairs are on products we buy. Caretaking is a great character set to accompany your tutorials on caregiving and general wellness. Just as with all the animations on this list, the colours are fully customizable.

Renovation - Character Set

Home renovations are wildly popular these days. These fun and creative animations would be great way to add a little fun to your video. 

More Video Resources…

Millions of downloads with unlimited downloads means you can try as many stock assets as you like. They’re all from Envato Elements, so they’re included in a monthly subscription. Here are a few to try:

Tool Chest Search — Sound FX

A great royalty-free sound effect of a someone searching through a tool box.

Upbeat Pop  — Audio

A fun and inspiring track from Envato Elements that's perfect for inspiring content.

Man Repairing Drone — Stock Footage

Great royalty-free clip of a man repairing a drone.

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