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10 Top Free Intro Templates to Make Motion Graphics Openers in Premiere Pro

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The opening frames of a video are without a doubt the most important you have to make an impression. During these minutes—or more often even seconds—viewers form opinions about your video based not just on the content, but the quality and style of the production, too. To help you sort through the noise, we’ve assembled the best opener templates on Envato Elements (paid) and Mixkit (free) to help you produce professional-looking, engaging video from the very start.

10 Top Premiere Pro Opener Video Templates From Envato Elements

It’s always great to get something for free, but not at the cost of denigrating your vision. If you don’t see precisely what you’re looking for, check out our high-quality opener templates for Adobe Premiere Pro from Envato Elements, where you can download unlimited resources with a monthly subscription.

1. Trap Trendy Opener

The Trap Trendy Opener is one of our most popular opener templates. It's a fast-passed promo, easy to edit, with attractive transitions and short. It's exactly what you need for your videos. 

2. Dynamic Urban Opener

You can use this opener template for any project thanks to its modern and urban design. The best feature of this Premiere Pro project is that is well organized and super easy to use. Just change the media and text and hit render!

3. Fast Opener

This Fast Opener is packed with fast transitions and attractive effects. It's perfect for any creative project and it comes with two files: one for After Effects and one MOGRT.

Note: you must have After Effects installed in order to edit this opener template. 

4. Laizy – Vintage Slideshow

Place your images in this vintage, easy-to-use slideshow designed like an old school Kodak film photographer’s contact sheet, which you can “mark up” using smooth animation. No plugins required.

Laizy  Vintage SlideshowLaizy  Vintage SlideshowLaizy  Vintage Slideshow

5. Adrenaline Sport Promotion

An in-your-face, adrenaline-pumping opener that showcases talent in sports, dance, bodybuilding, coaching, or any other physical activity, this opener template can also be used to advertise a sports club, fitness center, gym, or championship. 

Adrenaline Sport PromotionAdrenaline Sport PromotionAdrenaline Sport Promotion

6. Technology Glitch Slideshow

Create an opener for your high-tech enterprise using this elegant, modern slideshow providing full control of color and duration, with all media files accepted.

Technology Glitch SlideshowTechnology Glitch SlideshowTechnology Glitch Slideshow

7. Stylish Fashion Promo

A clean, minimal design suggestive of a magazine advertisement, this opener template is perfect for showcasing the glamour and style of your fashion brand.  

Stylish Fashion PromoStylish Fashion PromoStylish Fashion Promo

8. The Business Process MOGRT

Particularly effective for corporate presentations that promote products or services, explain business start-up stories and processes, or highlight company achievements, business models, and goals, this opener template keeps your business’s message on point.

The Business Process MOGRTThe Business Process MOGRTThe Business Process MOGRT

9. Digital Parallax Slideshow for Premiere Pro

Are you looking for a different video template? Check this Digital Parallax Slideshow with an attractive design packed with geometric figures. This will sure attract attention!

10. Event Opener

An event opener template is always useful. This video template is a great one to have in your collection. It's modern, easy to edit and you can adapt it to any type of event.

10 Free Premiere Pro Opener Video Templates From Mixkit

It’s obviously smart to save money where you can, but a lot of free resources suffer in quality. These free Premiere Pro opener video templates at Mixkit rise above the rest, however, with superior quality and fresh styles:

1. Kinetic Motion Opener

A strong, impactful quick motion template using bold animated text and fast titles to get your point across clearly and powerfully.

2. Lower-third Opener

As the name implies, this simple opener offers text headings positioned in the lower-third of the frame, effectively prioritizing background images, as well as multiple video panels.  

3. Stylish Opener

Imbue cheer and excitement into your opening frames with this bright and colorful template’s multiple headlines, overlays, and split transitions. 

4. Ink and Water Opener

Using a liquid ink effect, this edgy, cool opener features wet transitions between frames, subtle color overlays, and bold text to kick the drama in high gear.  

Ink and Water Opener

5. Urban Grunge Opener

Get gritty and downright cool with this template featuring a grime overlay, fast transitions between frames, and a title evocative of the videocassette aesthetic.

6. Creative Modern Opener

A stylish, minimal opener, this opening template features overlays, quick transitions, and a concluding logo frame.

7. Cartoon Ink Opener

Amplify the playful side of your video opening with this animated cartoon ink template with splashing effects.

8. Fragment Blur Opener

Open your video with this elegant, cinematic opener using split screens, slow transitions, and a fragmented blur effect for a softening effect.

Fragment Blur OpenerFragment Blur OpenerFragment Blur Opener

9. Animated Text Opener

Let words speak for themselves in this fast, bold, animated text opener set on any combination of video background frames and solid frames.

10. Glitch Opener

The epitome of cool, try this glitch-effect opener template with quick transitions and a logo finish to create a video that screams today. 

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