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50 Free Title and Opener Templates for Premiere Pro (Text, Motion Graphics)


Who doesn’t love a freebie? Well, how about a whole bunch of them! We know how important reliable resources are when you're on a budget, so we've put together the best free Premiere Pro title templates and opening effects to lend you a helping hand.

5 Top Premiere Pro Title Templates From Envato Elements

Free templates are brilliant, but if the projects in the next sections below don’t tick all your boxes, you can always check out our high-quality templates for Adobe Premiere Pro from Envato Elements, where you can download unlimited resources for a subscription.

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Free Premiere Pro assets on Envato ElementsFree Premiere Pro assets on Envato ElementsFree Premiere Pro assets on Envato Elements

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Here's a selection of what's on offer:

Dynamic Upbeat Opener

An upbeat and funky opener with an urban twist, this template for Adobe Premiere Pro will give your project a dynamic, modern feel.

Modern Opener

A high-energy opener, this Premiere Pro template is perfect as a trailer or slideshow on its own, or as the opener or title sequence as part of a larger project.

Inspiring Glitch Opener

Glitch effects are so popular right now, and the Inspiring Glitch Opener is a great way to add a touch of retro to your project’s opening sequence.

Inspiring Glitch OpenerInspiring Glitch OpenerInspiring Glitch Opener
Inspiring Glitch Opener

Clean Elegant Rotation Title 2

A clean, simple title sting with a corporate feel, Clean Elegant Rotation Title strips it back to basics to keep your message free from distractions.

Clean Elegant Rotation Title 2Clean Elegant Rotation Title 2Clean Elegant Rotation Title 2
Clean Elegant Rotation Title 2

Clean Flip Title

Easy to customize and with everything linked to the control layer, Clean Flip Title couldn’t be simpler. 

3 Top Title Templates from Envato Market

If you prefer to pay as you use, we have some options from Envato Market too! Here are some of our favorite title templates and openers.

Modern Openers Pack For Premiere Pro

If you're looking for the best opener templates for Premiere, this pack is one of our best-selling and top-rated items.

Modern Openers Pack comes with 28 different openers that you can use for fashion, sports, travel or any kind of content, thanks to its dynamic design. Don't hesitate to get this amazing pack!

Dynamic Minimalism - Essential Graphics | Mogrt

19 title animations for Premiere Pro will full text, colour, and duration control. There's a link included to the free font used in the demonstration.

Dynamic Minimalism - Essential Graphics  MogrtDynamic Minimalism - Essential Graphics  MogrtDynamic Minimalism - Essential Graphics  Mogrt
Dynamic Minimalism - Essential Graphics | Mogrt

Motion Titles

A well-organised title and lower-thirds template set with universal expressions and easy customisation. Use any fonts to complete your desired look.

Motion TitlesMotion TitlesMotion Titles
Motion Titles

Top Free Premiere Pro Templates

There are plenty of free templates out there, but they're not all high quality. Here are some the best free Premiere Pro templates we've found from around the internet. Note, these projects are hosted by their creators and may not be available at all times.

1. Premiere Pro Title Collection

A collection of Adobe Premiere Pro titles, including three lower thirds, an end credit, and an empty title to set as your default.

2. Unfolding Titles 

Unfolding Titles gives text or logos a cool, unfolding effect designed to add interest and elegance to your project. The Premiere Pro template is simple, well-organised and comes in both 4k and full HD versions.

Unfolding Titles Unfolding Titles Unfolding Titles
Unfolding Titles

3. Dubstep Glitch Titles

With just the right amount of Diggity, Dubstep Glitch Titles is a Premiere Pro template with 11 scenes and modules for you to edit. You won’t need any plugins and it’s fully customisable.

4. Opener

Opener is a clean, cinematic Premiere Pro template. With smooth animation and a modern, simple design, it’s a good addition to your project, and you won’t need any plugins to use it.

5. Orange 83

Orange 83 is a free pack of 5 modern and clean title templates for Adobe Premiere Pro. You don't need After Effects or a plugin to use these and they’re easy to modify – if you get stuck, there’s a video tutorial.

  • Pay what you want

6. Clean and Modern Titles

Five templates to instantly add modern titles to your Premiere Pro video: just drag and drop your media and change text and colours to suit.

  • Pay what you want

7. CINEMATIC Motion Graphics Titles 

Cinematic, dramatic… no it’s not greased lightning, it’s the Cinematic Motion Graphics Titles for Premiere Pro. Add a touch of movie magic to your project with this free download.

  • Requires an email address.

8. Manifesto

Manifesto has no other agenda other than to help you create static titles, title rolls and title crawls with impact.

9. Star Titler

On a website just a click away is the Star Titler download. Import your own text, and easily control the duration blur, and scroll.

10. Free Premiere Pro Edit Template

This is a super simple free template, perfect for creating quick and easy titles. Stop putting off that project and let someone else do the hard work for you!

Free Premiere Pro Edit TemplateFree Premiere Pro Edit TemplateFree Premiere Pro Edit Template
Free Premiere Pro Edit Template

11. Titles Pack

The Titles Pack for Premiere Pro template contains nicely designed and animated title animations to use without the need for After Effects. Open it up, change the text, and you're done – with 10 different animations to choose from.

12. Free Cinematic Title Style Library

To help you make title design in Premiere Pro even faster, here is the Cinematic Title Style Library. Create sleek, minimal, cinematic style openers before you can say ‘Hollywood.’

Free Premiere Pro Titles From MixKit

Continuing our huge list of freebies, the following free Premiere Pro templates are from MixKit, all free to use.

13. Three Line Framed Title

A framed title without a background, including bold letters on three lines with an outline font style.

14. Cool and Clean Minimal Design Title

A cool and clean, minimal design Premiere Pro title which has full screen coverage and appears from left and to right.

15. Rotating Letters Title

Rotating text surrounds a headline block before exiting the frame – with a pop of colour!

16. Animated Cluster Title

A text delay animation across multiple taglines with dual-colour typography and animation.

17. Cube Glyph Title

A Premiere Pro template with glyph cube effect with space for text and subheadings.

18. Upwards Transition Title

A simple title block template which transitions upwards into the frame and includes a splash of colour.

Upwards Transition TitleUpwards Transition TitleUpwards Transition Title
Upwards Transition Title

19. Paragraph Title Block

An animated paragraph of text comes in from the right. The template features a double header block, too.

20. Animated Splash Title

A funky splash effect  transitioning in from the right, uncovering a heading.

21. Double Splash Title

When one splash animation just won’t do… try two! Two splash animations uncover a double heading.

22. Rotate in Headline Title

Spinning animation title template for Premiere Pro, pivot point fade in with left-aligned fade out.

Rotate in Headline TitleRotate in Headline TitleRotate in Headline Title

23. Kick Fall Headline Title

An angled text intro, with text kick animation and shrink out effect.

24. Spinning Headline Title

This free Premiere Pro template features a spiral text title with animated text.

25. Angled Headline Title

Angled text with outlined heading and a sub-heading.

26. Animated Circle Title

A bright circle, expands in and shrinks out to reveal your title, text, or brand.

27. Animated Box Title

A simple box graphic with a colourful gradient, containing a heading and sub-heading.

28. Line Overlay Title

Animated lines with a heading, moving to create a rectangle outline.

29. Isometric title

A left-aligned isometric title template, perpendicular to the edge of a description text box.

30. Circular Glyph Title

A fun, free template with pulsing glyphs with a glitch effect.

31. Digital Arrows Title

A hypnotic arrow pattern with a glitch effect and text transition.

32. Glitch Heading Title

A free template with a single heading with a glitch effect transition into a single subheading.

33. Cool full Screen Title Animation

A full screen centred title animation inside with multi-colour circles and text moving in the background.

34. Color Gradient Full Screen Title

A title template that fills the screen with a colour gradient and centre-aligned description. It includes a button!

35. Full Screen Title and Description

Full screen, with a translucent dynamic title and description diagonally.

36. Luminescent Title and Circles With Gradient

Abstract luminescent circles and title, with a gradient colour overlay, subtitle, and description text.

37. Underwater Waves Texture Title

Gradient colour features in this free Premiere Pro template, with textures in motion, surrounding a gradient title and subtitle.

38. Title and Description With Closing Transition

Shaded title with the option for a text description below.

39. Full-screen Title With Dot Background

Full-screen title with two lines of text, one with a gradient colour effect and one with an outline effect and a translucent dot background.

40. Framed Electric Title

An animated, electric explosion reveals an outline framed title. A static electricity line goes through the title from left to right changing the colour.

41. Stylish Opener

A bright and colourful opener featuring multiple headlines, split transitions and overlays.

42. Ink and Water Opener

A liquid ink effect free Premiere Pro template with a wet-look transition between frames. It features bold text and a subtle colour overlay.

43. Fragment Blur Opener

An elegant Premiere Pro opener, with slow transitions and a fragmented blur effect.

44. Urban Grunge Opener

An urban decay style title template, with fast transitions between frames and a grime overlay.

45. Creative Modern Opener

A fast, minimal opener featuring quick transitions and overlays, ending with a logo frame.

46. Floating Orbs Opener

An animated liquid shape effect opener with floating orbs and ending with a logo frame.

47. Split Frame Opener

Informative opener offering multiple text panels, lower-third style headings and a logo frame.

48. Urban Glitch Opener

A modern, free Premiere Pro opener with a glitch effect, quick transitions and a logo finish.

49. Kinetic Motion Opener

A fast-paced, kinetic text template with bold animated text and titles.

50. Animated Text Opener

A fast and bold Premiere Pro opener, which switches between solid backgrounds and video footage.

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