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45 Free Transition Effects Templates to Make Cool Cuts in Premiere Pro

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What’s not to love about free templates? Being a video creator on a budget can be tough, that’s why we’re highlighting 45 top transition effect templates for Premiere Pro from Mixkit.

Mountain range at dawnMountain range at dawnMountain range at dawn
Mountain silhouette at dawn by catolla/Envato Elements

Premium Premiere Pro Transition Templates

Before we jump into the free transition templates, let me show you a selection of the top premium transition templates from Envato Elements. If you're constantly working with Premiere Pro or other video editing software, you'll find that the monthly subscription to Envato Elements offers you the best value for your money and the best quality. These template packs are hard to beat with freebies:

1. Dope Transitions

This is an extremely popular pack, and it's easy to see why with the 400 transitions it offers. With four choices of speed and each one with its own unique sound, you’ll be able to bring style and excitement to all of your videos. Dope Transitions features an easy drag-and-drop method and comes with a video tutorial to get you started.

Additionally, check our free course to learn how to make amazing video transitions using Dope Transitions.

2. Modern Transitions For Premiere PRO

If you're an avid video creator, you need video templates that will save you a lot of time and money. This bundle includes 2000 transitions and 156 sound effects easy to use and customize. Transitions are optimized to work with any resolution and fast to render.

3. Glitch Transitions for Premiere Pro

Continuing with a hot trend, check this cool glitch transitions pack. It's a really complete Premiere Pro template bundle, with 90+ glitch transitions in Full HD and in 11 different styles.

4. Photo Transitions for Premiere Pro

For a more classic look, these Photo Transitions will give your projects a more minimalist and clean look. The pack comes with 24 different transitions that are fast to render and multipurpose.

5. Transitions Presets Pack

Another fantastic transitions pack that will become one of your favorites. This pack comes with 1800 transitions, 70 visual styles, 3500 presets and more than 50 looks for your videos.

So, if the free templates below don't meet your needs, check out high-quality templates for Adobe Premiere Pro from Envato Elements, where you can download unlimited resources on a simple subscription. Elements includes templates for transitions and other professionally-designed motion graphics, like logo stings, openers, and titles. Elements has stock photos, music, video clips, and fonts, too, to help you develop your own style, plus in-depth courses here on Tuts+ to boost your creative skills.

45 Top Transition Templates From Mixkit

These Premiere Pro templates are from MixKit, where you can get for free stock videosfree stock music, and free templates for Adobe Premiere Pro. Let's look at a few highlights:

1. Digital Static

A digital distortion between clips, temporarily distorts the footage.

2. Spin and Twirl Transition

The frame twists and spins between frames with a subtle blur.

3. Triangular Distort Transition

A focus area shaped like a triangle is centred within the frame, containing a subtle distort effect.

4. Bouncing Zoom Transition

A simple bounce between frames, which zooms in slightly upon transition.

5. In and Out Zoom Transition

A subtle zoom in before a pull back effect transitions to the next frame.

40 More Free Transition Templates for Premiere Pro From MixKit

  1. Quick Liquid Transition
  2. Ink Burst Transition
  3. Rotating Liquid Transition
  4. Zoom Burn Transition
  5. Slide Rotate Transition
  6. Tubes Sliding Transition
  7. Walking Slide Transition
  8. Reverse Zoom Transition
  9. Sideways Zoom Transition
  10. Distort Sideways Transition
  11. Upwards Motion Transition
  12. Downwards Motion Transition
  13. Downwards Spin Transition
  14. Upwards Spin Transition
  15. Upwards Flip Transition
  16. Downwards Flip Transition
  17. Left Split and Bounce Transition
  18. Right Split and Bounce Transition
  19. Center Split and Bounce Transition
  20. Upwards Split and Bounce Transition
  21. Downwards Split and Bounce Transition
  22. Horizontal Split and Bounce
  23. Right Split Transition
  24. Left Split Transition
  25. Center Split Transition
  26. Downwards Split Transition
  27. Upwards Split Transition
  28. Two Way Split Transition
  29. Twist Transition
  30. Double Twist Transition
  31. Left Sideways Swipe Transition
  32. Right Sideways Swipe Transition
  33. Upwards Swipe Transition
  34. Downwards Swipe Transition
  35. Zoom Bounce Transition
  36. Outwards Zoom Transition
  37. Spin Transition
  38. Reverse Spin Transition
  39. Spin Twist Transition
  40. Quick Right Distort Transition

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Premiere Pro Templates to Check Out

Looking for more templates? We've got you covered. Here are a few collections to get you started:

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