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10 Inspiring Stock Videos of Mosques, Temples, and Churches

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Making video announcements and updates for your congregation or faith community is a great way to engage with them. If you aren't able to get lots of footage yourself, not to worry: there are lots of short stock videos on Envato Elements that you can use to improve your short film.

10 Great Stock Videos of Churches, Mosques and Temples

1. Woman In Ancient Catholic Church

An atmospheric clip moving from a woman looking up at the splendour of an old Catholic church, to the décor itself.

2. Temple

A pan up of the exterior of a bell tower on a church in Spain, ending at the cross on the top.

3. Mosque

A mosque in Istanbul, Turkey with a bridge and city behind it; boats bobbing peacefully on the water in the foreground while a boat docks in the background.

4. Church Furniture

Footage of ornate seating commonly seen in Christian churches. The seats feature dark wood with gold decoration.

5. Epic Temple

Fly over a stunning temple in Thailand with this steady, high-quality drone footage, continuing past the template and down an ornate plaza.

6. Catholic Church

Enter through the doors of a catholic church to a stunning interior in this piece of stock footage.

7. Icon In The Christian Church

A group of candles gently flicker, with an image of a saint in the background.

8. Sultanahmet Mosque Interior In Istanbul Turkey

A sweep of the beautiful ceiling of a mosque in Istanbul, including the main dome (qubba).

9. Church in the Сity Botanical Garden on the Hill

A drone sweeps over a church in the Ukraine, surrounded by lush, green trees. The building echoes its surroundings, with green and gold colouring.


10. Church

An ornate golden spectacle awaits you with this short clip of a church alter, complete with flowers and iconography.

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