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Wanted: Animation Teacher to Write and Make Instructional Videos for Envato Tuts+

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Would you love to share your passion for animation with new learners? Here's your chance to join our instructor team.

We're looking for a new instructor to create tutorials about 2D animation for Envato Tuts+. This is a paid contract with regular monthly written and video assignments, and it is 100% remote work.

Fill out the form here: Application to Teach at Envato Tuts+.

Become an Animation Instructor for Envato

Envato Tuts+ is all about helping people make creative projects and explore new skills. We need a talented communicator to teach 2D animation. Maybe that's you!

What We're Looking For in an Animation Teacher

Here is what we're looking for:

  • Experience with 2D animation
  • Experience with AdobeReallusion, or other desktop animation programs
  • Experience with mobile animation apps, like Flipaclip or similar
  • Comfort writing and presenting in English, however it does not have to be your first language
  • Teaching experience, especially with instructional videos and software tutorials

A Few More Desirable Attributes

Here are a few more things we're looking for in applicants:

  • Active on YouTube or other video platforms (TikTok, Instagram, Twitch, bilibili, etc.)
  • Fluency in Spanish, German, or another language
  • Animation and motion graphics skills in Fusion (Resolve), Apple MotionBlender, Unity, or Unreal Engine


Rates start at $250 USD for a written tutorial, which is usually about 25-30 steps plus images. Videos start from $400 USD and go into the thousands of dollars depending on the complexity of the project. 

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Envato is committed to staffing that reflects our diverse global audience. We strongly encourage indigenous people, people of colour, gay, lesbian, bisexual, queer, trans, two-spirit, and non-binary people to apply.

Excited? Head over to our Teach for Us page now to apply, or read more about Envato on the Our Values page.

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