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High Fliers: Top 3 Drone/UAV Stock Video Files from Envato Elements

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Drone footage can be costly, whether you do it yourself or hire someone else. Using stock footage can be a great way to add production values to your film, while keeping costs down.

Here a few of our top tips for including drone footage in your production:

  • Correct any distortion
  • Colour grade the imagery to fit with the rest of your filming
  • Try adding motion blur to make footage look more natural

You can check out more guides for drone footage in Charles Yeager’s, ‘15 Tips for Cinematic Drone Video’.

Top 3 Drone/UAV Stock Video Footage

Here are three examples of great drone stock videos, all of which are included with a subscription to Envato Elements.

1.  Mountain From a Drone

Footage of mountain tops isn’t the easiest to get yourself, so try this stunning drone footage. A slow sweep of mountain peaks on a clear, blue day.

2. Shanghai City at Sunrise. Aerial View

This aerial capture of Shanghai at sunrise is beautifully timed, with clear skies and a stunning sunrise from behind a silhouetted skyline.

3. Drone View of Drone

Prepare for drone Inception – sometimes you want footage of a drone at work, so look no further. This footage captures a done flying over some scrub land next to a river, following it around through 360 degrees.

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