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How and Why to Have Consistent Branding in Your Videos (And Beyond)

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When making a video you can end up with many versions of the same project but, if you can keep consistency in your branding, even if your film varies a little across platforms it will stay recognisably yours. Let’s look at how you can do that.

Why Does Consistency Really Matter?

We’re over-saturated with digital content today. It’s easy to see a video, and even think it was great, without actually remembering who made it. Brand awareness is a slow process that requires patience, but if you keep everything consistent you should be able to see growth in recognition and build up a viewership who will trust and share the videos you put out.

Good branding is part of building your reputation and should be as much a part of the thought that goes into your video, as the tone, style and sound are.

How to Create Your Branding

Branding guidelines state the basic style principles and visual identity of your business. Having a guideline for your business is an important tool; a clear document that helps define and communicate the character of your business.

Your branding also needs to fit customers expectations for your customers. That means thinking about everything from colour, to font, layout, style and more. If you’re a filmmaker then it’s likely your video ‘brand’ will always be growing and developing. Try to keep a familiarity and replicate that across everything you make, from your website to anything you put out to market your business.

Photo by Hutomo Abrianto on UnsplashPhoto by Hutomo Abrianto on UnsplashPhoto by Hutomo Abrianto on Unsplash
Photo by Hutomo Abrianto on Unsplash

What Kind of Logo?

In your videos, you’ll likely want to animate your logo, but just remember that it’s also going to have to be used as a still image in places, so make sure it works both ways and is recognisably yours.

Don’t Get Bored

As we progress, we can often feel bored or frustrated by old logos and branding, but changing it up every year is a guaranteed way to confuse your audience. If you really must update your logo, do it gradually, keeping the familiar elements that are recognisable to your viewers.

Try Templates

Templates, particularly bundles, can be a great starting point for pulling your branding together and giving it a consistent and recognisable look. Envato Elements has a great range of video and social media templates, and you can download and try as many as you like for a monthly subscription. 

The Ultimate Story Pack for Adobe After Effects

This is a complete kit for all your social channels, including vertical video stories. There are 20 pre-made scenes, 10 transitions, 20 titles and much more included.

The Ultimate Story Pack for Adobe After EffectsThe Ultimate Story Pack for Adobe After EffectsThe Ultimate Story Pack for Adobe After Effects
The Ultimate Story Pack for Adobe After Effects

As a bonus, here’s a nice logo pack to get you started, too.

Minimal Logos Pack for Adobe After Effects 

This download is a stylish template with a minimal and professional feel. There are four to choose from, just add your logo and text and adjust the colours to suit.

Minimal Logos Pack for Adobe After Effects Minimal Logos Pack for Adobe After Effects Minimal Logos Pack for Adobe After Effects
Minimal Logos Pack for Adobe After Effects 

Learn More About Video Marketing

Good branding is an important part of creating a successful video marketing strategy. After this quick introduction, why not dive deeper into every aspect of video marketing? Our free video marketing guide covers everything from branding through to production techniques, advertising, costs, video-making trends, and more.

You'll learn from case studies, research, interviews with professional video marketers, and more. There are ten chapters, each packed with information to help you reach the next level and produce great video.

Video marketing guideVideo marketing guideVideo marketing guide

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