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How to Animate Handwriting With a Video Template for After Effects

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Add a touch of elegance to your next video with a realistic handwriting animation! Watch the video below to learn exactly how it's done.

How to Animate Handwriting With a Template 

Creating a handwriting effect in After Effects is easier than you think. You can use a simple handwriting animation template and customise it to get the exact result you're looking for.

In the video below, production expert Dave Bode walks you through the whole process in a half-hour video tutorial; this writing animation on vintage, textured paper would be a perfect addition to any video with a nostalgic or historical flavour—or you could use it in a range of other projects to get your message across in a unique, memorable way.

So set aside some time to master the skill of creating After Effects handwriting text by watching the video.

Handwriting effect in After EffectsHandwriting effect in After EffectsHandwriting effect in After Effects

More Top Handwriting Templates for After Effects

The beauty of the techniques you learned in the video is that you're not limited to using any particular template. You can choose any After Effects handwriting template and customise it using your newfound skills.

Here's a selection of useful starter templates to create a range of different handwriting animation effects. Don't forget that you can change them up to create even more variations, so the possibilities really are limitless.

Latin and Cyrillic Handwrite Bundle

Handwriting fonts and animations often focus on the Latin script, but there are many more alphabets out there. This template caters to the 250 million users of the Cyrillic handwritten script, as well as Latin, all in a single bundle.

Latin and Cyrillic Handwrite BundleLatin and Cyrillic Handwrite BundleLatin and Cyrillic Handwrite Bundle
Latin and Cyrillic Handwrite Bundle

Wonderful Letters 3

This wonderful template uses an informal, contemporary-looking handwriting font and applies a range of writing animation effects to help you create the polished look you want in your next video.

Wonderful Letters 3Wonderful Letters 3Wonderful Letters 3
Wonderful Letters 3

Holiday Particles Handwritten Typeface

With the holiday season in full swing, why not use this After Effects handwriting template to give your videos a festive vibe? Match an elegant handwritten script font with a magical-looking particle animation effect, and you've got a winning combination for any holiday video.

Holiday Particles Handwritten TypefaceHoliday Particles Handwritten TypefaceHoliday Particles Handwritten Typeface
Holiday Particles Handwritten Typeface

Summer Letters 2

Or why not jump to a completely different season with the "Summer Letters 2" handwriting animation template? See how easy it is to evoke a feeling and a time of year just by the handwritten fonts and animation effects you choose?

Summer Letters 2Summer Letters 2Summer Letters 2
Summer Letters 2

Flirt: Animated Handwriting Typeface

Despite the name, you don't have to use this last handwriting animation template for anything flirtatious or romantic—it would work for a range of different projects. The best part is how easy it is to customise it just by writing your text in a textbox and letting the template handle the rest.

Flirt Animated Handwriting TypefaceFlirt Animated Handwriting TypefaceFlirt Animated Handwriting Typeface
Flirt: Animated Handwriting Typeface

Learn More About After Effects 

Want to know more about how to use After Effects? This video on After Effects handwriting animation is just one of 35 detailed video tutorials you can watch in the six-hour course, Adobe After Effects for Beginners. In this course, Dave Bode takes you through everything you need to know to get the most out of the software.

Learn about masks, shape layers, motion tracking, and so much more. And this ever-popular course has recently been updated with bonus lessons to teach essential skills like creating an intro template and creating brush effects.

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