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How to Choose a Photography Portfolio Website

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As a photographer, images are just the start. How do you decide which are your best photographs? How do you selectively choose the best that represent your style, and then what’s the best way to display those in a portfolio to someone who may not be familiar with your work?

In this lesson, we’ll take a look at some web based photography portfolios and discuss the effective elements and strategy behind each one. We’ll talk about things like the number of images to include, easy navigation and viewing your photographs on a larger scale.

It’s important that your web portfolio isn’t cluttered, you want people to be able to quickly and easily view your images, and for those to look the best they can. You also should include contact information; easy ways that someone can either contact you or find you elsewhere on the web, like your social media channels. The primary focus should always be on your photographs, and we’ll look at helping you achieve that in this video.

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