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How to Craft a Vision For Your Photography Portfolio

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Making photos is just the start: how do you decide which are your best ones? In this lesson, learn how to select the pictures that represent your style, and the best way to display them in a portfolio.

Your portfolio is a work of art—and a calculated marketing tool to get you more of the work and recognition you want. This lesson will help you formulate a vision and clarify what you want to get out of your portfolio. Do you want to get an interview? Or are you just trying to start a discussion with a gallery? We’ll help you set workable goals by learning how to evaluate your photographic strengths and weaknesses.

If you found this video useful, then check out the full course: The Photographer's Portfolio. You'll find thirteen more video lessons just like this one, each detailing a different aspect of portfolio creation. You'll learn how to tell a story with your images, how to assemble your portfolio and the best way to display it.

Finally, remember that your portfolio doesn’t have to be perfect, and you should see it as an evolution. Take a look at other photographer’s portfolios to help you decide what might be good to include, and what to leave out.

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