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5 Colourful Resources to Create Rainbow Photo Effects in Adobe Photoshop

Read Time: 2 mins

Rainbows, rainbows everywhere and we can't get enough of them, particularly as it's Pride season. We thought we'd celebrate with a short roundup of some of our best Graphic River rainbow resources.

1. Photo-Realistic Rainbow Action

This action creates a realistic rainbow effect for your images. The rainbow is a vector, which means you won’t have any distortion issues when resizing. There are two versions included, landscape and portrait, so you can add a splash of colour to any picture.

Photo-Realistic Rainbow ActionPhoto-Realistic Rainbow ActionPhoto-Realistic Rainbow Action
Photo-Realistic Rainbow Action from Graphic River

2. Rainbow Color Action

This funky, coloured action works best on darker images. You can choose between an action that allows you to select your desired gradients, colours and patterns, or one that does it all for you.

Rainbow Color ActionRainbow Color ActionRainbow Color Action
Rainbow Color Action from Graphic River

3. Rainbow Text Styles

Create a bright and colourful text style with this download. Perfect for Pride posters, or just for brightening up your artwork, get out your dictionary, because the rainbow extends further the longer your words!

Rainbow Text StylesRainbow Text StylesRainbow Text Styles
Rainbow Text Styles from Graphic River

4. Rainbow Maker Photoshop Action

Pop a vibrant rainbow over any scene with the Rainbow Maker action. No rain required, simply run the action and wait for the magic to happen.

5. Advance Rainbow Stripe Action

This striped, rainbow effect is a fresh, modern take on a classic. With easy to edit, non-destructive layers, you can tailor the result to suit and it even comes with a variety of particle effects. Rainbows? Brilliant. Rainbows and glitter? Bring on the unicorns.

Advance Rainbow Stripe ActionAdvance Rainbow Stripe ActionAdvance Rainbow Stripe Action
Advance Rainbow Stripe Action from Graphic River

Pots of Gold at the Ready

We thought we'd have a quick run through of one of the actions above, the Rainbow Color Action, to show you the results. This street scene could use some rainbow magic.

The untouched image

There are two options to the action: Editable and Merged. The only difference is that Editable gives you a gradient layer so that you can change the colours, whereas Merged, as you probably expected, flattens your layers.

Editable, unfortunately, changes your background to monochrome even if you make a copy of the layer, so it's wise to save your image and any changes you've made prior to running the action.

after the actionafter the actionafter the action
Our image after the action has been run

If you feel like giving this a try without an action, just convert your image to black and white and add a Gradient Fill Layer, with the blend mode of the layer set to Overlay

Create a Gradient Fill Layer and set the Blend Mode to Overlay
rainbow imagerainbow imagerainbow image
This is the image with the opacity lowered slightly on the rainbow effect for a more subtle look

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