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How to Create a Nature Photography Slideshow

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Read Time: 4 mins

Often when we take photographs, it can be hard to know how to best display them. Making a slideshow video is an interesting and engaging way to do that; and we know video gets more traction on social media channels: win-win!

If you’re a nature photographer, whether that’s plants, animals, or landscapes, this tutorial will get you ready to create an amazing slideshow video.

Photographic Tips

If you’re thinking about making a slideshow for nature photographs you’ve not taken yet then you can start to think about what photographs will work best in your video and also things that are just good practice.

If the background is busy, try a shallow depth of field with your subject close up, to blur out any potential distractions.

Get out early (and late!) – the changes in light will make your pictures extra special, and there are also fewer people around at either end of the day.

Rolling Hills At Sunset from Envato Elements

Make good use of textures – in nature, they can often be the main focus of the photograph if used to good effect.

Respect your environment. The old adage, take only pictures, leave only footprints, kill nothing but time may be corny but it’s a good mantra to have buzzing around your head while you’re out in the wilds.

National Geographic have some great tips on Photographing Nature and Landscapes.

Slideshow Tips


Keep it simple, make your photographs the focus of each slide. You may want to add descriptions of what’s being shown, like locations, for example; if so, try to keep those short and make sure the design of the text, the colours you use, and the placement, complement the overall design and don’t distract from your images.


As with text, choose your supporting colours with thought. If you’re using frames, lower thirds, titles etc, you should try and fit them with the colour scheme of your images or background. If you process your photographs in a particular way, colour grading them for consistency and fitting your template or structure with that, can help give your video a more purposeful look.

Tell a Story and be Selective

A bit like curating a portfolio, you need strong images to grab your audience’s attention, particularly at the start of your video. Try telling a story or shaping a narrative of sorts with your images, whether that’s thematically, geographically, or however you imagined it when you shot your photos.


Choice of transitions is very much dependant on the style you’re going for. A good rule of thumb is to choose one or two and stick with those. Subtle effects are usually preferred, and so the classic fade, and dissolve are popular choices.

Try a Slideshow Template for Your Nature Photographs

Using a template can be a great starting point because it gives you a quality, professional structure that you can then customise to suit your particular project. Here’s a great example that you could use for your nature photography sideshow. It’s part of a subscription from Envato Elements, so once you’re signed up you can try as many as you like if this one isn’t your cup of tea.

My Greatest Adventure for Adobe After Effects

Show off you’re your nature photographs with the backdrop of an impressive waterfall in this unique slideshow for Adobe After Effects. Your photographs are displayed on rocky outcrops on an easel – neat!

 More Great Ways to Make Slideshows

After Effects is a powerful program for making slideshows, but Premiere and Final Cut Pro are also great options. You can even make a slideshow using Facebook. Check out the tutorials below to for more instruction on about how to use each platform:

Finally, if a full-fledged video editing program isn't to your tastes, check out Placeit, a service from Envato which includes an easy-to-use slideshow maker with professionally-designed motion graphics templates you can use right in your browser.

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