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How to Create a YouTube Live Video Stream for Free With Jitsi

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Secure Video Calls for Free With Open Source Software

Jitsi isn’t just one thing really, it’s a bunch of open-source projects and applications that work around letting you make secure video calls and conferences, and to send instant messages.

Using either your browser or one of the mobile apps you can make free video calls with Jitsi and also record or stream those.

Why Use Jitsi?

There are lots of ways to make calls and livestream but one of the benefits of Jitsi is that it uses WebRTC, an open standard which allows direct communication without any plugins or apps and keeps these communications low latency, which is the delay (or lag) that you can often face when trying to use video and audio across the internet. We’ll go into latency in more detail in another article, soon.

Jitsi supports a variety of operating systems, so chances are your preferred method is compatible, meaning you won’t have to download lots of unexpected extra things in order to make it work. Jitsi also prides itself on safety and data protection.

How to Create a YouTube Live Stream With Jitsi  

Setup in YouTube

First you’ll need your streaming key as with any other platform, so log into your YouTube Creator Studio.

youtube creator studioyoutube creator studioyoutube creator studio

Click on the Go Live icon:

youtube go liveyoutube go liveyoutube go live

If you’ve not used YouTube to livestream before you’ll get this page:

first time streaming on youtubefirst time streaming on youtubefirst time streaming on youtube

You’ll need to verify your account with a phone number either via text or automated call. It does warn you that it can take up to 24 hours for it to verify, though it’s usually much quicker.

You can then choose whether you want to stream right now or schedule something in for later.

youtube stream now or lateryoutube stream now or lateryoutube stream now or later

Choose your set up (auto detect microphone and camera or select your own sources) and you’ll see the stream options in a Studio screen.

youtube studio with streaming keyyoutube studio with streaming keyyoutube studio with streaming key

You can see your stream key in the bottom left – hit Copy.

Setup in Jitsi Meet

Go to Jitsi and create a meeting.

jitsy meeting screenjitsy meeting screenjitsy meeting screen

In the bottom right corner of the screen, click the three dots and choose Start Live Stream

start live streamingstart live streamingstart live streaming

You’ll then be asked to enter your YouTube live stream key.

enter livestream keyenter livestream keyenter livestream key

Paste in the key you took from YouTube and you’re ready to stream!

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