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How to Create Video Brush Effects With an After Effects Template

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Why not liven up your next video with an eye-catching paintbrush effect like the one you see below? It's a great way to draw your viewers' attention to a particular area of the screen while giving them a more engaging experience.

Creating After Effects brush effects from scratch would be a time-consuming chore, but you can speed up your work by using a well-built After Effects template as your starting point. In this video, you'll see how to use the Brush Elements template and customise it to create the effect you want.

This stylish brush effect would be ideal for the opening sequence of a movie or short film, in which you use the brushstrokes to reveal the main characters. Or you could use it in a documentary to make a "talking heads" scene so more interesting. The possibilities are endless! Watch the video to learn how to use After Effects templates to give your next video a fresh lick of paint.

After Effects brush effect template in useAfter Effects brush effect template in useAfter Effects brush effect template in use

Top After Effects Brush Templates

So now you know how to add brush effects to your videos by downloading and customising a simple After Effects template. But what if you want to create different types of effects? Simple—just start with a different template. Here are some great After Effects brush effects to choose from.

1. 30 Brush Transitions Pack

The brush effect you learnt to use in this video was for revealing a single area of the screen, but what if you want to use brush effects to transition from one scene to the next? Then try this pack of 30 brush transitions, which gives you more than enough options to choose from.

30 Brush Transitions Pack30 Brush Transitions Pack30 Brush Transitions Pack
30 Brush Transitions Pack

2. Brush Pack

Or how about creating animated text that looks as if it's being painted with a brush? This pack is ideal for that scenario. Choose the brush effect you want, enter your own text, and watch it being animated on screen in front of you. It's simple to use and extremely flexible.

Brush PackBrush PackBrush Pack
Brush Pack

3. Brush Lower Thirds

This next template would be ideal for making a creative opening sequence for a movie or short film. You could have the credits revealed through brushstrokes with text on top. If you're looking for lower thirds with a realistic brush effect, this one's for you.

Brush Lower ThirdsBrush Lower ThirdsBrush Lower Thirds
Brush Lower Thirds

4. Redacted

Inspired by the duplicity of your favourite politician? Try this very topical After Effects brush template, which mimics the redacting effect used to remove incriminating details from official reports. Watch your titles and lower thirds appear and disappear at a stroke of the censor's brush.


5. Paint On Animated Typeface

And let's finish with an elegant animated typeface. This After Effects brush effect uses thin, delicate strokes to spell out the text of your choosing. It's set up with the white, black and blue colours you see here, but with your newfound After Effects skills, you could easily customise it with a different colour scheme.

Paint On Animated TypefacePaint On Animated TypefacePaint On Animated Typeface
Paint On Animated Typeface

Take Your After Effects Skills to the Next Level

Creating a brush effect is just scratching the surface of what you can do with After Effects. So if you want to learn how to use After Effects to make polished, professional-looking videos with stunning effects, take the Adobe After Effects for Beginners course.

In this six-hour course, Dave Bode will teach you how to use Adobe After Effects from the ground up. Start with a tour of the main features and tools, and move on to build compositions, master keyframes, add masks, use motion tracking, and much more.

This excellent After Effects course is free for subscribers to Envato Elements. For one low monthly fee, you get access to unlimited courses like this one, plus unlimited downloads of video templates, stock footage, motion graphics, and more than a million other design assets. Sign up today!

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