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How to Create a Live Stream Overlay Graphic With PlaceIt (Twitch, OBS, YouTube)

If live streaming is your thing then you’ll know how important an overlay can be. Not only does it look more professional to include good graphics, but it also lets you include important information that can help you boost your follower numbers and earn more money.

Quickly Create an Overlay for Live Streaming Video With PlaceIt

There are a few ways you can go about creating an overlay for your Twitch, YouTube, Facebook,or other livestream. You may want to use software you have and are familiar with, like Adobe Photoshop or After Effects.

If you prefer a quicker and easier method, though, with PlaceIt you can start with a ready-made professional template and make changes right there on the site to produce an overlay that suits your brand and stream. Let’s look at how you can do that.

There are many options on PlaceIt (for a small fee, or as part of a subscription) when it comes to overlays, but here’s one good example designed for people who want to stream games via Twitch using Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) Studio :

Twitch OBS Live Stream Overlay Generator with Webcam Frame

This overlay is obviously designed for a gamer who specialises in shooter video games like Call of Duty. The template can be adjusted to keep the basic features but to make it look completely different.

Twitch OBS Live Stream Overlay Generator with Webcam FrameTwitch OBS Live Stream Overlay Generator with Webcam FrameTwitch OBS Live Stream Overlay Generator with Webcam Frame
Twitch OBS Live Stream Overlay Generator with Webcam Frame

To demonstrate how you can adjust the features of a template to make it your own, and as I don't have my own 'brand,' I’m going to pay homage to the aesthetic of one of my favourite games, Red Dead Redemption 2.

RDR 2 image via presskitRDR 2 image via presskitRDR 2 image via presskit
Red Dead Redemption 2 artwork from a presskit via Rockstar Games

1. Change the Background Image to Create a Preview

Each template will come with its own background stock image or animated footage. You can select from the options on PlaceIt, which will be similarly themed with whatever the subject of the chosen template is, for example the one we’re using here has stock image options of soldiers. You can upload your own image or get a stock image from elsewhere. As our RDR2 theme is that of a western, here’s an image from Envato Elements that fits.

Western townWestern townWestern town
Western town by digitalstormcinema via Envato Elements

To change the image in the template, click on ‘Custom Image’ and upload your picture. The maximum size accepted is 12MB so you may need to resize your photo to fit. Once uploaded, you get the option to crop it to fit the screen, so you don’t need to worry too much about the dimensions.

upload and crop a custom imageupload and crop a custom imageupload and crop a custom image
Upload and crop a custom image

2. Adjust Main Theme Colours

The RDR2 colour palette is quite simple: red, orange, black, and white. Keep in mind that your text should be easy to read, which usually means picking text and background colours that have a lot of contrast.

You can ignore the Background colour option if you’re using a stock image. If you prefer not to use an image then choose a background colour that won’t be hard to look at for long periods of time.

To change the Frame colour, click to expand the colour box and you’ll see a palette of colours, along with the option ‘more’ which will bring up a more detailed box where you can also put in a # number. Colour dropping the RDR2 artwork brings up the colour #bf0618 for the red, so that’s what I’ll use as the frame colour.

adjust the frame colouradjust the frame colouradjust the frame colour
Adjust the frame colour 

Just under the colour options are different frame designs. At the moment, ‘live cam geometric’ is pre-typed as a search parameter to make sure the frame still fits with your live cam layout, so they don’t change the entire frame, just the sides. If you remove the search parameter it brings up more results, but these will potentially adjust the whole frame and might not fit with your particular live stream anymore.

frame changesframe changesframe changes
Change the sides or the whole of the frame

I’ve chosen a nice thin frame as there’s already enough going on in the background and I don’t want it to be too distracting.

Webcam Frame Position

If you want to move the webcam frame (the square bottom-left), just click to grab it and drag to whichever position works for you.

3. Icon Colour Change

There are social media icons at the bottom of the frame that are separate to the text, so you can adjust those colours without changing any of the text yet if you want to. Using the RDR2 colour palette, I’ve chosen #F48E29 – the orange colour.

Change the icon colourChange the icon colourChange the icon colour
Change the icon colour

Change the colour the same way you did with the frame, using the ‘More’ option if you want to select your own specific colour.

4. Fonts

The last thing to look at is the text: font, colour and content. If any particular text doesn’t apply to you, for example ‘Top Donators,’ you can simply click the blue tick icon to untick it and that text will be removed from the template.

Just untick the box to remove textJust untick the box to remove textJust untick the box to remove text
Just untick the box to remove text

Each text option has a selection of fonts to choose from, and if you click ‘More Fonts’ it will open up a list by their tags (their main ‘look’) as well as the option to search. If I search for ‘Western’ it brings up several options that fit with that.

font optionsfont optionsfont options

One slightly frustrating thing is that you can’t select a font size, so you’ll have to use the size boxes on each text to drag and resize.

You may want to use more than one font, particularly if the one you’ve chosen is very decorative or a bit too bold to use for everything. If you choose another, try to keep it in a similar style and if you’re unsure, read our guide to choosing the best fonts for your brand.

5. Export the Finished Overlay Image

Well done, you've changed a pre-made streaming overlay to something that's more... you! You can edit the same frames to look like different offshoots of your brand, or to nod to the games you're streaming—just by changing the colours and fonts.

Create the Overlay Image

Now, last step, head back to the image selection controls and select No Image. This removes the preview image so that you can use the empty frame as an overlay on your broadcast. Now click Download.

Once your file has downloaded, you can set up your streaming software to use the image. Here's how to do that in OBS:

If you fancy a change, there are lots of templates to choose from, and if you're feeling like you might want to look at creating other graphics for your livestream, then take a look at some of our articles below.

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