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How to Use Video for Customer Support (FAQs, Tutorials, Intros, Testimonials)

In this article, we take a look at how to create and use video for customer support.

How to Create Video for Customer Support Pages

Video is a great way to say a lot in a short, engaging package, and many business customers would rather watch a quick video to answer their question than to have to trawl through reams of FAQ text or get in touch via a helpline. Video saves you time too: if your customer can simply solve their own problem via a video it’s easier for everyone.

Here are the most common uses for customer-helping videos. Remember, even if it's very basic each video benefits from consistent and coherent brand presentation. If you want people to do something, have a clear and achievable call to action.  We’ll also show you a great template example for Adobe After Effects to fit each type of video. Templates are a fast and professional way to create high-quality customer support video, they’re easy to use, and are easily customised to match your brand.

1. Introductions

Every customer service or support page can benefit from a brief introduction video outlining what help you can provide.

As with most video, make sure you get to the point quickly and concisely. That said, it’s great to introduce a little personality into your video if that’s appropriate for your brand. People like to buy from a person or company they feel they know and trust and your intro is a great way to begin building that trust.

Your intro video could explain what your business does and offers, or it might even be an introduction to those running it, if personal support is a part of your model.

Kinetic Company – Great for Introductions

A short intro video on the landing page of your documentartion or support pages is a nice way to say ‘hello’ to your customers or users and show them what kind of help you have to offer. This kinetic typography template for After Effects will fit every brand, just change the text and colours.

Kinetic Company - available on Envato ElementsKinetic Company - available on Envato ElementsKinetic Company - available on Envato Elements
Kinetic Company - available on Envato Elements

2. How-To or Tutorial Videos

How-to or tutorial videos are one of the top four categories on YouTube and you’ll know yourself: if you need the answer to a question or problem, searching Google or YouTube is a common first step. If you’re running a business, then you’ll want to make sure that first step is straight towards your video. A ‘how-to’ could be a product or service demo, or a guide to how to become a member, general account set up and so on.

How-to videos need a clear goal and focus on one ‘problem,’ demo or action. If you try to put in too much you’ll over-complicate it and put off a customer or potential customer. With tutorials, it's usually best to keep the video direct and concise; don't stifle your personality, but get to the point.

How To - Step by Step Guide – Great for Tutorials and Product Demos

Highlight up to six steps of a product or demonstration with this handy template. You won’t need any extra plugins and there’s a video tutorial and written help file included if you get stuck.

How To - Step-by-Step Guide - available from Envato ElementsHow To - Step-by-Step Guide - available from Envato ElementsHow To - Step-by-Step Guide - available from Envato Elements
How To - Step-by-Step Guide - available from Envato Elements

3. Testimonials and Reviews

What better way to build trust with customers than to have others tell them how great you are! When we’re looking to buy a product or service online it’s almost a given that we’ll now check out what other people thought, first. While on-site reviews are great, they’re often limited to the place where the product or service is sold, so why not try making a video.

If you’re a business that trades in a physical location, it can also be useful to include beautiful shots of the town, city or area you cover. That way you can really bring home the message that you’re local, and build trust.

Keep your testimonial videos in the same style and tone as your business. If you have a brand with personality, great, use that to make your videos fun and with a feel of being unscripted. Whatever the tone of the video, try to keep things natural and credible. You don’t necessarily need to script something to do this, think about ‘chatting’ to your client on camera and eliciting those genuine, natural responses you want without it feeling forced.

Reviews And Testimonials Insta Pack – Great for Testimonials

A perfect template for showing potential customers that your current ones love you! 18 After Effects templates specially made for testimonials and reviews in vertical format, so they’re social-media ready.

4. Frequently Asked Questions and Troubleshooting

You’re about to get or already have a customer – that’s great! – but there’s something they need to know before making that next step. A lengthy online or phone wait to answer their question can be off-putting or even create a negative experience. You can avoid that by creating a video to help answer common questions or problems that your customers might encounter.

If you choose to use a spokesperson/presenter, it’s wise to include text as well, so that someone can easily scroll through the video to find the bit relevant to them. Studies have shown that people process information more efficiently when they’re shown it visually rather than seeing text written down, so making a video will help your viewer to remember the information they sought out and also feel like they got the answers they were looking for.

As with tutorial videos, keep FAQ short and directed, making clear which question it is you’re answering and provide a simple solution. Try to keep FAQs of a similar nature to the same video, and create additional ones for other topics. If you try to cover everything in one video it might seem overwhelming for someone who just wants a quick answer.

Plan and script your FAQ video before you shoot it so that you know exactly what you’re covering and you’re doing it in the most efficient way. Remember to give additional customer support options just in case you haven’t quite solved an issue for someone – they need to be able to follow up with direct contact easily.

Envato Templates Video Tutorial – Great for FAQ/Troubleshooting

Show how to access something or how to troubleshoot a common issue with this template for After Effects. It’s modular and designed to be clean and simple to make it easy for your customer to follow.

Envato Templates Tutorial Video - available from Envato ElementsEnvato Templates Tutorial Video - available from Envato ElementsEnvato Templates Tutorial Video - available from Envato Elements
Envato Templates Tutorial Video - available from Envato Elements

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