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How to Make a Fashion Photography Portfolio

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Read Time: 8 mins
Final product imageFinal product imageFinal product image
What You'll Be Creating

In an age of information overload, it's hard to feel noticed. But aspiring fashion photographers can highlight their uniqueness with one powerful tool: a professional portfolio.

Making a good impression is the first step to inviting more opportunities into your life, and featuring your best work is the cornerstone of building important relationships in the photography industry.

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to create a photography portfolio with premium templates from Envato Elements to launch your career in fashion.

Choosing a Portfolio Template

Style, color, mood, and format are all important characteristics you should consider in a template. Look to find balance in the basics: modern fashion photography portfolios should create a good mix of elegance and style, establish your knowledge in current fashion trends, and help to reinforce your unique point of view.

Portrait or landscape orientation depends on your personal preference. Avoid busy designs that distract from your collection. Keep it simple with minimalist themes that place your photos front and center.

Want to create your own portfolio instead? Learn how in 10 Steps for Building a Photography Portfolio to Be Proud Of and Which Type of Portfolio Should You Use?

Why Templates Rock

Between photoshoots, hours of retouching, and long business meetings, there's simply not enough time in the day. Enter the portfolio template.

A template not only saves time, but also presents your work in a cohesive, stylish manner. Here are a few templates for Fashion Photography Portfolios you should definitely check out.

Minimal Fashion Photography Portfolio

Make your collection the star of your portfolio with this minimalist design. This modern template features 32 pages you can easily customize along with separated layers for your graphics. Choose from several creative options to display your photos for an elegant photography portfolio.

Minimal Fashion Photography PortfolioMinimal Fashion Photography PortfolioMinimal Fashion Photography Portfolio

Modern Photography Portfolio

Create a lasting impression with the first photo your audience sees. A multipurpose template that works great with fashion photography, this design features 24 total pages, print ready colors, and stunning free fonts.

Modern Photography PortfolioModern Photography PortfolioModern Photography Portfolio

Minimal Photography Portfolio - Magazine

Enjoy a fresh perspective with this simplistic portfolio. This template features 32 custom pages, various display options, and a help file for additional instruction. Compatible with InDesign CS4 and later versions, easily customize this template by dropping in your favorite photos.

Minimal Photography Portfolio - MagazineMinimal Photography Portfolio - MagazineMinimal Photography Portfolio - Magazine

Photography Portfolio

Color is often overlooked when creating portfolios. But you can balance modern aesthetics with a beautiful pop of color. This photography portfolio highlights your work with 34 custom, print ready pages. Choose a color that best reflects your fashionable style for a stunning visual experience.

Photography PortfolioPhotography PortfolioPhotography Portfolio

InDesign Photography Portfolio

Impress your clients with a gorgeous portfolio! Included in this download are A4 and US Letter files supported by Adobe InDesign. Feature a brilliant photo on the cover for optimal impact and unfold the story of your collection in style.

InDesign Photography PortfolioInDesign Photography PortfolioInDesign Photography Portfolio

Photography Portfolio Template

Create a visual story with your fashion photography portfolio. This professional template features A4 and US Letter sizes made completely with free fonts. Created with you in mind, you can easily customize your template with only a basic knowledge of design software.

Photography Portfolio TemplatePhotography Portfolio TemplatePhotography Portfolio Template

Square Photography Portfolio

Experimenting with portfolio sizes can add great personality to your work. This template, for instance, features a bold square design to compliment your modern collection. It includes 24 pages at 300 dpi, to optimize the quality of your photography in a high resolution format.

Square Photography PortfolioSquare Photography PortfolioSquare Photography Portfolio

1. How to Edit a Photography Portfolio Template

Install New Fonts

Let's choose one of the templates above and see how to customize it in a few simple steps. Here I'll be using this Photography Portfolio which is supported by Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and even Illustrator.

Download the file and extract its contents to your computer. This particular download includes a documentation file with helpful facts to get you started. To avoid any issues with the text, you'll need to install this Dubiel Font prior to editing.

Installing Fonts for Your Portfolio TemplateInstalling Fonts for Your Portfolio TemplateInstalling Fonts for Your Portfolio Template

Explore The Template

Included in this file are both A4 and US letter versions available in several formats. So for the purpose of this tutorial, I'll be using the standard A4 print size.

Within each template, you'll find layers separated into several Groups. From the cover to the entire spread, you can simply drag and drop your photos into the allotted Smart Objects.

Portfolio Layers in PhotoshopPortfolio Layers in PhotoshopPortfolio Layers in Photoshop

2. Select Your Photos

Step 1: Choose a Theme

Before we update the template it's important to establish a specific theme. Since I'm using free stocks from Pixabay, I'm a little limited to my choices. As a result, I'll focus on street fashion photography, specifically men's fashion, since it's more widely available.

White and Black Fashion StockWhite and Black Fashion StockWhite and Black Fashion Stock
White and Black Fashion Stock

Stick to a theme that is true to your style. If bridal fashion is your expertise, craft a stunning collection featuring an array of fashionable wedding photos.

Picking and sorting photos is an art in itself, and more than we can completely cover here. Check out these tutorials for more information:

Step 2: Put Your Pictures in Order

Place your photos in the order you would like them to appear in your portfolio. However, be open to change. Shuffle the images around and experiment with what works best to find the best layout for the collection. If you've got a place where you can lay out prints for a while—a large table, or a wall—try printing out your pictures and letting them sit for a while. Time helps solidify your selections.

Highlight your strongest photos with pivotal parts of the design. See if creating an order of images to tell a story helps.

The cover, for instance, needs a strong photo that can stand alone. This sleek Black and White Fashion Stock perfectly matches the initial color scheme and sets the mood before seeing the next photos. Then I'll follow it up with this Fashion Portrait.

Fashion Photography StocksFashion Photography StocksFashion Photography Stocks

3. Insert Your Photography into the Template

Each page of this portfolio gets its own designated Group with Smart Objects for your photos. Click on the Smart Object to access it, then Copy and Paste your high resolution image onto a New Layer. Adjust the size with the Free Transform Tool (Control-T) so that it fills the composition.

Since the cover contains large text on the left, I'll position the image to favor the right side. This may cause the dark gray background to show through underneath. To blend it easily, Fill the background layer with light gray #eaeaea using the Paint Bucket Tool (G). Remember to Save your changes while editing your Smart Object to apply them to the design.

Creating the Portfolio CoverCreating the Portfolio CoverCreating the Portfolio Cover

This template features 20 total pages you can customize but don't feel pressured to use all 20. Pick the layouts you favor the most and delete the rest. Keep an extra copy of the original on file just in case you need it again. Here's a look at one of the inside pages with another image. Notice the theme coming out?

Photography Portfolio Inside PagePhotography Portfolio Inside PagePhotography Portfolio Inside Page

4. Create Unique Photo Backgrounds

The beauty of minimal templates is that there's not much to edit for a modern, professional design. But you may want to add a punch of color, change the backgrounds, or edit the alignment of text.

Explore the endless design options. Personalize the template with a unique photo background. To do this, simply Copy and Paste the Fashion Stock onto a New Layer on top of the page's background layer. Adjust the size to fill up the layer with the Free Transform Tool (Control-T). Accompany this background with a related Fashion Image for a more cohesive look.

Portfolio With Photo BackgroundPortfolio With Photo BackgroundPortfolio With Photo Background

5. Update the Final Text and Colors

This template also includes simplistic pages with bold backgrounds colors. If you like the layout but not the color, simply choose a new one with the Color Picker, then use the Paint Bucket Tool (G) to Fill the background with color.

Changing the Background ColorsChanging the Background ColorsChanging the Background Colors

After I updated some of the quotes I noticed the spacing of the words. The text looks justified and a bit too spaced out. To adjust it, simply highlight the text with the Type Tool (T) and hit the Align Left option on the top toolbar. Continue to adjust the text with the Character panel if necessary or load new fonts that you feel might work better.

Adjust Text with the Character PanelAdjust Text with the Character PanelAdjust Text with the Character Panel

When you're finished updating your template, contact your local printer to discuss more options for your portfolio. Print out a few test pages to get a feel for it as a tangible object. Explore different paper weights, glosses, and more to create an elegant viewing experience.

Fashion Photography PortfolioFashion Photography PortfolioFashion Photography Portfolio

Now It's Your Turn!

Whether you're new to fashion photography or a seasoned professional, portfolio templates always come in handy. They give you the space for creative expression while highlighting the best qualities of your work.

Study the layout of your template before the finalizing your photo arrangement. Craft a visual story that encompasses your distinct vision.

For more incredible assets, check out the amazing collection of Fashion Photography Portfolios from Envato Elements.

Learn more about the photography business from our experts, check out these links below:

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