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How to Make a Rough Cut of Your Photography Portfolio

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Making pictures is just the start. How do you decide which are your best photographs? How do you selectively choose the best that represent your style, and what’s the best way to display those in a portfolio?

In the last lesson, How to Choose Photographs to Include in your Portfolio, we looked at what you might want to include in your portfolio, but now it’s time to make the cut. You want whoever looks at your portfolio to see your very best work, in a limited amount of time. Inevitably that means leaving out some photos you like.

It’s not always easy being dispassionate about your own work, so it can pay to enlist some help; someone who can look objectively at your images. It’s also worth remembering to take breaks from the computer and then come back to them. This will help you look with fresh eyes, for better perspective.

If you found this video useful, then check out the full course: The Photographer's Portfolio. You'll find thirteen more video lessons just like this one, each detailing a different aspect of portfolio creation. You'll learn how to craft a vision for your portfolio, how to assemble it and the best way to display it.

Hand opening a book of cityscape photographsHand opening a book of cityscape photographsHand opening a book of cityscape photographs
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